UP’s Social Worker Dr. Arvind Goyal Donated Assets Worth 600 Crores, Kept Only House with Him

Dr. Arvind Kumar-goyal

Inspirational Desk, Delhi Magazine: Moradabad’s industrialist Dr. Arvind Kumar Goyal has donated his entire wealth for the poor. The value of the donated property is around Rs 600 crore. Goyal has kept only house with him. He built this property with 50 years of hard work.

Dr. Arvind goyal

Dr. Arvind Goyal has earned this wealth through 50 years of hard work. Apart from Moradabad, they have schools-colleges and engineering colleges in other parts of the state and also in Rajasthan. He has announced to donate his entire property except his Kothi in Moradabad’s Civil Lines. He has given this donation directly to the state government, so that help can be reached to the real needy.

In covid lockdown adopted about 50 villages, provided free food and medicine to the people.

Apart from being a businessman, Dr. Goyal is also engaged in social service. With the support of Goyal, hundreds of old age homes, orphanages and free health centers are being run across the country for the last 20 years. Along with this, poor children are being given free education in the schools running with their help. Even in the Covid lockdown, by adopting about 50 villages, he provided free food and medicine to the people.

Personal Life Of Dr. Arvind Goyal

Dr. Arvind Kumar Goel was born in Moradabad. His father Pramod Kumar and mother Shakuntala Devi were freedom fighters. Dr. Goyal is survived by his wife Renu Goyal, two sons and a daughter. His elder son Madhur Goyal lives in Mumbai. Younger son Shubham Prakash Goyal lives in Moradabad and helps his father in social service and business. The daughter lives in Bareilly after marriage. His sons or any family member could not be contacted. However, the three children and wife have welcomed his decision.

His brother-in-law Sushil Chandra has been the Chief Election Commissioner of the country. Prior to this, he has also been the chairman of Income Tax ie CBDT. His son-in-law is a colonel in the army and father-in-law was a judge.

Dr. Arvind Goyal said, “He wants all his capital to be used in the service of the poor. There is no trust in life. So while he is alive, he handed over his wealth in the right hands. This will help the orphans, poor and destitute people.” Can come in handy.”

Dr. Goyal has been honored by 4 Presidents

The spirit of social service of Dr. Arvind Kumar Goyal has been honored in many forums in the country and the world. Current President Ram Nath Kovind, former President Pranab Mukherjee, former President Pratibha Devi Patil and former President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam have honored him for social service. Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has also honored Dr. Goyal for his service work.

Decided to donate all the property 25 years ago after Seeing a poor chilling in the cold

Dr. Arvind Goyal had decided 25 years ago that he would donate all his wealth one day. Such a thought came to his mind after seeing a poor person shivering in the cold while traveling in the train. Immediately gave him even his shoes.

Discussing that incident, Dr. Arvind Goyal told that it was a cold December night. As soon as I boarded the train. In front saw a poor man shivering with cold. He had neither a sheet nor slippers or shoes on his feet. I could not stop seeing that man. I took off my shoes and gave it to him. I endured for some time, but due to the severe cold, my condition also started getting worse.

Thousands of poor people consider him God

The poor do not consider Arvind Goyal less than a messiah. Hundreds of destitute and orphans living in old age homes and orphanages here call him God. Locals tell that Arvind Goyal’s routine has never changed in the last 20 years.

Everyone said that they had heard a lot of tales of charity, but also got interviews to Dr. Goyal . When Dr. Goyal was talked about this, he told that this thing was going on in the family for many days. The family is with us in our spirit completely devoted to the society. While the city and the country were stunned by this decision of Dr. Goyal, Dr. Goyal, as usual, said in his simplistic tone that this breath and this body are also dedicated to the society. In such a situation, property is a worldly gift.

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