Sonali Priy Kapoor Founder and Managing Director, The Hatch Project Sonali Priy Kapoor, First Generation entrepreneur, Founder and Managing Director, The Hatch Project in conversation with Delhi magazine about her background, journey and challenges. Please tell us about your background and journey of becoming an entrepreneur and starting your own […]

According to Katherine, “In 2020, my co-founder Kavitta B Bedi, an entrepreneur in the children’s space whose daughter underwent the college admissions process in 2019, and I, an education advisor, realised that there must be a better way for students to demonstrate who they really were beyond school marks, test […]

Delhi -Magazine, March 03, With the rapid era of digitalization, young minds are coming up with new ideas. Such people act as motivation for others. Two youngsters Yushank Tyagi and Mukundsinh Solanki collaborated and workes together to provide cybersecurity. As offering protection for web applications are nowadays a must for […]