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Lifestyle Desk, Delhi Magazine: Dogs are faithful friends and companions and whoever has one at home not only likes the pet, but loves it! They are certainly important members of the family. If you have a friend who is passionate about dogs and needs to give them a gift, think of something that is related to four-legged friends. There are many cool and creative products to gift these people and they will certainly like it.

Dog Carrying Bag


This bag has an ergonomic shape to carry the dogs. It is very cool for those who have small animals and will help a lot in the day to day to take them for a walk, take them to the pet shop or any other outing.

Maganatic Glove Removes Hair

A magnetic glove can greatly reduce the amount of hair scattered around the house, as it is possible to remove it on the animal just by running your hand over it. It’s a nice product because it doesn’t scare the animals and it cleans very efficiently.


Dog Toy Feeder

In this toy, the food is placed inside the ball, and as it is moved, the grains fall. This helps encourage pets to eat more slowly, which reduces the risk of health problems. In addition, it encourages them to sniff, providing physical and mental well-being. Useful and very creative gift!


Dog Bed

Pets love to have their own corners and of course, they deserve all the comfort, don’t they? A bed like this will provide a lot of comfort. We can say that it is a sophisticated gift option.


Clothes with Dog Print

Clothes with dog prints are also another cool gift option. A dog lover really love your this choice.



Stroller for Animals


Dog Clothes

For pet dads and moms who love to dress up their pets, this is a gift that will really please. This piece is made of suitable and comfortable material, with an adjustment option to get the perfect size.


Harness for Dog

The harness is ideal for walks with the dog, as it fits the body better than the collar, providing more comfort and safety for the animal. It is an affordable product and can be a good gift option.


Dog Teether

Toys are great gifts for dogs. This model stimulates physical and mental skills, generates joy and keeps the dog entertained. In addition, it is interesting to increase the interaction between the owner and the animal, favoring the bond of friendship.


Dog Pool

Excellent tip to provide fun, well-being and yield good games. In addition, in places where the temperature is usually high, it is a way for the animal to cool off. Creative and high spirits gift idea.


Snack Pack for Dog

Dogs love treats and of course it will be a lovely gift. They can be used daily in food, especially in the form of pleasure and reward in training.

Snack Pack for Dog

Cellphone Case

Of course, everyone uses and needs a cell phone case. If you know your friend’s device model, bet on this idea. See how beautiful the options we have selected and you will find many other different and creative options.

Cellphone Case-dog-printed

Car Protective Cover

For the person who has a dog to be able to go out freely with their 4-legged friend, without ruining the car seat.

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Car Protective Cover

Photo Frame with Clay Print Kit


Dog Bowl

A dog bowl can be a good option, as it allows your pet to eat comfortably. And the floor can also be avoided from getting dirty



Dog Slippers

There are few things as comforting as coming home from a long day at work, kicking off your shoes, and slipping on some super comfortable slippers that seem to “hug” your feet. Surely, dog lovers will be very pleased with these fun models that pay homage to our favorite furry ones.


An additional advantage is that you do not even need to leave your house to acquire them. All you have to do is search the internet to find super useful and lovely indoor slippers.

Jewelry for Dog Lovers

If your loved one is passionate about jewelry, you can find a huge variety of earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets, chokers and even piercings with dog designs that are pure tenderness.

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Custom Dog Pillow

If you are wondering what to give to a dog lover who is also passionate about decoration, pillows will be the perfect gift to make their home more comfortable and even more doggy.


Custome Mug for Dog Lovers

If your loved one also loves teas or coffee, you may be inclined to give them some nice cups or mugs with a lot of style. You will also find a huge variety of these products paying homage to our beloved furry friends: from classic white mugs with a simple detail, to very original bowls with textures and 3D effects imitating the body , snout or face of a dog.



Pet Special Movies

We all love to enjoy a good movie in the company of our loved ones, whether human or dog. For this reason, movies can be an excellent gift for someone who likes dogs, thus combining nature and the seventh art .

“Always by your side, Hachiko” – Drama (based on true events)
“The Lion King” – Animation
“The Man Who Whispered Horses” – Drama
“The Emperor’s Journey” – Documentary
“King Kong” – Drama/Adventure
“The Jungle Book” – Adventure
“A Couple of Three” (“Marley and Me”) – Comedy/Drama
“Benji” – Adventure
“The reason to be with you” – Drama/Adventure

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