Who is Lady Louise, the Young ‘Royal’ Who is in Talks after the Coronation of Carlos III

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Uk Desk, Delhi Magazine: Lady Louise Mountbatten-Windsor, daughter of Prince Edward, the new Duke of Edinburgh, and Sofia of Edinburgh (of Wessex, until recently) is, along with her younger brother, Elizabeth II’s lesser-known granddaughter. She drew attention last Saturday during the coronation of Charles III for her good seat at the ceremony (even ahead of Prince Henry), for her presence on Buckingham’s balcony and for her outfit, a sophisticated white and mauve floral dress with the who became the perfect guest. lady louise  pic 2

Lady Louise’s parents wanted to spare their daughter the public projection of being a princess and therefore, despite the fact that it was her right as a granddaughter of a British monarch, she does not have a princely title, like her little brother, James, the current Earl of Wessex. We have seen her since she was little at royal weddings and other official acts of the British royal family, but since November 8, 2021, when she turned 18, and due to the latest casualties among the Windsors due to escapes and scandals, she and her family have They have become first-rate royals .

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Lady Louise was the first of the descendants of Philip of Edinburgh and Elizabeth II to bear the surname Mountbatten-Windsor. Her first stellar moment came when she served as a bridesmaid at the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, when she shared with Prince Harry. And, like many members of her family, she loves horse riding.

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The daughter of the younger brother of Carlos III, who was named the new Duke of Edinburgh a few weeks ago, became news since her birth due to the harsh circumstances that surrounded her. Her mother, Duchess Sofia of Edinburgh, went into labor early after suffering placental abruption, forcing an emergency caesarean section. Her life was endangered by the amount of blood she lost and Lady Louise spent the next three weeks in hospital.

Over the months, Lady Louise was diagnosed with exotropia, an eye disorder known as divergent squint that is characterized by the deviation of the eyes outward. She was operated on twice without success at three and five years, but she continued with the same vision problems. She underwent a third operation at nine, and that was when Louise put her eye problems behind her.

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Her grandfather, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, bequeathed to her on his death in 2021 his carriage and his car-driving horses, an equestrian modality in which Louise competes with good results. The young woman is studying English philology at the University of Saint Andrews, in Scotland, and apart from studying, it is known that Lady Louise has notions of gardening and worked in a specialized store last summer. Little more has she transcended the last movements of the young woman, then. unlike other princesses of her fifth. She practices discretion in her life.

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A few months ago, she participated in a special program in memory of Elizabeth II’s husband, Prince Philip: The Royal Family Remembers , and then she attracted attention by standing in front of the cameras and talking about her favorite sport: driving horse-drawn carriages, as her grandfather.

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