Top 5 Foods to Prevent Hair Loss

food to prevent hair loss

Health Desk, Delhi Magazine: Nutrition affects the state of the whole organism, the appearance, beauty of the skin and, of course, hair. Often dull, split or falling hair is one of the clearest signs that the body lacks nutrients. If you notice that there are more hairs on the comb, it’s time to change your diet and include dishes that save curls.

Foods to Control and Prevent Hair Loss

Cottage cheese

This product is an excellent source of protein and calcium, which helps keep hair strong and shiny. Nutritionists advise eating cottage cheese in the morning, so it is much better absorbed.


Vitamins C, E and A contained in the pomegranate help to normalize the hormonal background, participate in the absorption of calcium and iron. Nutritionists advise adding this fruit to the diet once or twice a week.

But be careful: pomegranate contains acids that negatively affect tooth enamel. Pomegranate juice is best drunk through a straw. And be sure to rinse your mouth with warm water after eating the fruit.

Flax seeds

This product is a real superfood, it has a huge content of copper and zinc. These substances help the hair stay strong. In addition, they affect the normalization of the hormonal background in a woman, and often hair loss begins precisely with a hormonal failure. Seeds can be added to porridge, cottage cheese, pastries.


Vitamins C and E are present in large quantities in the carrot root. If you eat 200 g of a vegetable every day, you can significantly improve hair growth and quality, preventing hair loss. And the carotenoids in the composition of the root crop affect the condition of the hair, make it more shiny, strong.


Like red meat, the liver in the diet helps to increase hemoglobin levels, saturate the blood with oxygen, which means increase blood flow to the hair follicles and help wake up even dormant follicles.

Olive oil

Thanks to the healthy fats in the oil, the lipid balance is restored, the hair becomes strong and healthy. Olive oil can be seasoned with salads, added to sauces, used for stewing and baking.

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