Israeli Ambassador to Serbia: No Specific Date When We Will Recognize Kosovo

The Ambassador of Israel to Serbia, Jahel Vilan, said that after the September 4 attacks, nothing has been done for the official recognition of the Republic of Kosovo.

He said that as far as I know, there is no specific date when this can happen, writes N1, Klan Kosova reports.

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“I can assure you that we will inform our friends in Serbia about our movements. “I will do my best to make this as transparent as possible and inform Serbia in advance,” Vilan said.

Asked if after the official recognition, Israel will support Kosovo for membership in the UN and other international organizations, he said that this has not been discussed.

“It’s too early to talk about it. As a country that has suffered like no other at the UN, I assure you that Israel will show the utmost sensitivity on this issue.

He said the state of Israel welcomed Serbia’s decision to relocate its embassy to Jerusalem in July next year.

On September 4 in Washington, the Prime Minister of Kosovo, Avdullah Hoti, had a telephone conversation with the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, in the presence of the US President, Donald Trump.

In the Kosovo-US agreement signed, one of the points guarantees the recognition of Kosovo’s independence by Israel.

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