Missile Attack on US base in Syria

Africa Desk, Delhi Magazine: A US base in the town of Rumeilan in northeastern Syria was hit by a missile attack, the Pentagon Central Command said in a statement.

us military bas attack in seriya

As noted, there were no dead and wounded, no damage. The base was fired upon with 107 mm caliber rockets.

During the investigation, the US military found several unused rockets at the launch site. The investigation is ongoing, the report said.

On October 6, the US military launched an air strike on Syrian territory. According to the American command, two leaders of the “Islamic State” (IS, banned in the Russian Federation) were eliminated by the strike. In particular, Abu-Hashim al-Umawi, who occupied the second most important post in the IS in Syria, was eliminated. It was also reported that his accomplice, who occupied a high position, was liquidated.

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