Things You Should Never Keep in Bathroom Cabinets

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A bathroom is one of the places in the house that creates the most humidity. Mostly because of the hot showers, it’s best to think carefully about what you have stored in the bathroom cabinets. You run the risk of spoiling many objects, or even filling them with germs.

things shouldn't keep in bathroom

Delhi Magazine created a list of 10 things you should keep away from the bathroom. If you keep them in this area of ​​the house, it’s best to think of another place.

1- Makeup;
2- Cleaning products;
3- Towels and bathrobes;
4- Laundry detergents;
5- Extra toilet paper;
6- Jewelry;
7- Medicines;
8- Books;
9- Electronic equipment;
10- Teeth whitening products.


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