Munaar : Where the Beauty is Beheld!

Waking up in the morning with a view is credible, that is what Munnar is all about. A picturesque place in the South India, Munnar is located in the Idduki District of Kerala.  Munnar is situated at an altitude of 1700 meters above sea level. ‘Munnar’ means a confluence of three rivers. Here you will see three rivers, Madhurpuzha, Nallathanni and Kundali, joining together at one place. The view of the amalgamation  of the three rivers together looks amazing here.

Undoubtedly, it is called the paradise of South India. Apart from the lush green landscapes the place boasts of some spectacular tea gardens. The beautiful tea gardens are spread over 12000 hectares and are something people come for. Arouse your taste buds when you taste the most flavored tea of India. You will be glad to know that most of the tea comes from the tea gardens from Munnar. To celebrate Tea, for its admirers the place also has some tea museums. Tea lovers and information gatherers and blog writers come here to satiate their curiosity. When you enter the tea museum, you will feel that cosy and flavour all over the place. You may also for information about the production of tea, where all the photographs and information related to it are available. It is famous for  its highly specialized dairy farms as well.

The beauty of Munnar can be gauged from the fact that the British made it their summer vacation resort.Talking about the beauty of Munnar, one can go on and on. It is like a painting on a canvas. Enchanting greenery, sparkling rivers untamed and tall hills and of course the very special valleys of Nilgiri and waterfalls emerging from them attracts tourists throughout the year.


. Far from the hustle and bustle of life, this place attracts a lot of tourists.  Savour every minute of your trip to Munnar by exploring its beauty.  If travelling with kids, you can traverse to observe the wildlife in Munnar. Also, witnessing rare species of fauna such as Eucalyptus goats and many more can be seen in the various parks in and near Munnar. One such place is Ernakulam National Park.

Popular Attractions Near Munnar

Some of the Popular attractions near Munnar are as follows:

Eravikulam National Park

Eravikulam National Park near Munnar Eravikulam National Park is one of the major places near Munnar. It is about 15 kms from Munnar and is known for the endangered animal of Nilgiri tar. Spread over 97 sq km, the park is home of tigers, animals and birds and varied other rare creatures. It is also the best place to relieve the daily pressures of life and  enliven.


 Anamudi Shikhar

The base of the 2695 meter high peak is in Eravikulam Park itself.It is the highest peak of the 1600 km long Western Ghats. So enjoy some scenic views while you trek on this wonderful and highest peak in India after the Himalayas.

 Anamudi Shikhar - munnar - Kerala


Photo shoot point

Amidst the social sites, taking pictures is an important activity. This photoshoot point is designed for exactly this purpose. In the backdrop, you can see swaying and lush greens of the tea gardens. Overall, an exotic experience that will bring the ‘likes’ your yearn for.

photoshoot point - Munnar



 Mattupetty - Munnar

Located here, is the Mattupetty Concrete Gravity Dam. it is primarily used for water storage, thereby operating hydroelectric projects. Its reservoir is a beautiful picnic spot where you can also go boating among the hills and feel the freshness that mother nature bestows upon you.

Mariyur Chandan Forest : On arriving at Mariyur on Udumalpet Road, 39 km from Munnar city, you will find yourself in the natural sandalwood forest. To protect this precious wood, all trees have number plates. Isn’t this a great idea to save the environment.

Iron age settlement Mariyur dolmens

Located about 55 km from Munnar, it is considered to be an iron age settlement. Muniyara Anakottapara Park has thousands of years old stone dolmens of stone age estimated to be 10,000 years BC. In this, four thin rocks of stone are erected and put a stone like roof on it, which is called dolmens. From here, millions of coconut tree covered sites are seen. One can also see ancient rock paintings in Izhuthu Guha in Atala village nearby. These include paintings of humans and animals along with many other contemporary figures. There are many home stays in Mariyur to make your stay not just comfortable but also budgeted.Iron age settlement Mariyur dolmens - Munnar

Some other popular destinations that may take your heart away are Pallivasal, Chinnakanal,  Aniyargal, Top Station and the Tea Museum

besides the sightseeing you can also opt for other means of enjoyment in Munnar.

Shopping: Munnar is primarily a hill station. You won’t find dazzling shopping malls here. However, what you will love here will be fresh fruits and vegetables. The local markets here would ensue your heart to buy the fresh produce. If you want to do some souvenir shopping then you can shop for handicrafts which are mostly some art pieces made by the locals. Being famous for Tea and Spices, you may shop for that and feel more fragrant. Another thing you may want to try here are the home made chocolates that spiced and very flavourful. Apart from these, herbs, Ayurvedic medicines, aromatic oils, dyed traditional Kerala clothes can also be purchased from Munnar.

Food: Sadya is the most famous here in catering. It is a complete palette  serving wonderful local dishes. Sadya includes neichoru i.e. olan kalan with rice, Papadam, Sad Avial, Kichadi, Thoran, Pachadi, Kutukari, Ellisari, Mango Pickle, Pulinji, Narang Pickle, Banana Chips, Sharkkara Appe, Plain Yogurt and Butter Milk. There are some more and in all about 25 dishes are served. The best part is the way it is served on a banana leaf making it all the more traditional.

How to reach:

Nearest railway station: Theni (Tamil Nadu) about 77 km away;

Chenganacheri- about 93 km away.

Nearest Airport: Cochin International Airport, about 103 km away.

Best Time to Visit:

Although you can visit Munnar in any season, but December and January are the best months. During these, the weather is wonderful and the landscape greener than ever.


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