North Korea – New missile Launch, Kim Continues to Provoke

North Korea leader kim

Yet another day of tension between the two Koreas . Kim Jong Un launched an ICBM in the night, but the attempt failed . North Korea today launched three more ballistic missiles towards the Sea of ​​Japan, including two short-range and one intercontinental (ICBM), but the latter’s test failed according to the South Korean armed forces . United have condemned the launch of the ICBM: Pyongyang has thus violated the UN resolutions.

North Korea Launched missiles again

Washington said urging the imposition of sanctions .

The United States and South Korea have also agreed to extend joint air exercises that began on 31 October. One of Kim’s missiles triggered the air-raid alarm , prompting residents of an island in South Korea and residents of parts of northern Japan to take cover . Initially, the Japanese premier’s office had claimed that a missile had flown over the country, but it was later corrected by the Defense .

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