What Can We Know About the Ajo Sacha Diet?

Before we start learning more about Ajo Sacha (Mansoa alliacea) such as how it works? The benefits of it? It is better than we what is Ajo Sacha? If we don’t know what the plant is I don’t think it will be much of an use to know about its benefits and other prospects.

What is Ajo Sacha?

This is a shrub and it is a native to the upper Amazon rainforest. It is not from the garlic family but the leaves, vine bark, and also its roots have similar characteristics of real garlic. It also resembles, taste, and smell of garlic.

You can translate “Sacha” to wild so Sacha Ajo can be translated to “wild garlic”. However, this is one of the mildest of all plant that you will have in your plant dieta. Nonetheless, if you are including this in your diet you have to spend time in quietude and self-reflection.

The plant is usually used by the native indigenous tribes who stay in the rainforest to clean their digestive system and also get an energetic body. The plant is highly respected by the natives over there by using almost all of their parts. Moreover, the plant can also be replanted after they are harvested for the diet!

In fact, the indigenous elders who stay in the Amazon consider that this plant has magical and spiritual powers. This powers not only chase away the evil spirits but also purifies the body. It will be useful if you use the plant before or during the retreat as it helps the body to receive the Mother Vine easily and comfortably.

Ajo Sacha is even recommended during the period of vital changes in the body because of its strengthening properties. It inspires and also cleans the body from all the negative energy. If you have headaches, fever, or cold then also it is advised to use the plant as it helps to cure them.

Now let us know how to conduct the Ajo Sacha diet?

The Ajo Sacha diet has a three-day ritual. It starts with the scraping of its roots. Then you have to bath in the Ajo Sacha leaves and sleep with the scarped roots keeping them under your bed.

However, the roots of the plant are scrapped at midday and then it is set for overnight dipped in water. You have to drink the tea that is formed at 6 A.M. and follow it with an Ajo Sacha bath.

This three-day diet then allows the dieter the communicate with the Ajo Sacha spirit and then they can receive full protection during their retreat.

The various uses of Ajo Sacha plant.

While you are applying it the leaves that are crushed and soaked in the water for bathing is an effective way that will purify your body before you enter the ceremony. This also helps to eliminate any kind of toxic element.

The plant dieta of Ajo Sacha starts by drinking a cold tincture of the roots. The roots are usually soaked in the cold water for 12 to 24 hours. However, the number of roots that has to be infused in the tonic will be decided by the Shamam.

There will be a curendero who will prepare the medicine and bless it with their prayer songs and jungle tobacco (mapacho). Then at 6 AM, the Shamam will arrive at your Tambo where you stay and then direct you how you will intake the drink.

There are lots of benefits of the Ajo Sachs plant dieta. It is considered to be an anti-inflammatory, anti-rheumatic, and analgesic. And it is also hugely used to treat diseases like rheumatism, injuries, uterine disorder, arthritis, body aches and pain, colds, epilepsy, and many others.

It also cures many digestive issues such as Candida overgrowth along with other intestinal issues. The diet is considered to clean the blood while purifying the body. Moreover, it also opens up the psyche and other channels which allows the Ayahuasca brew to combine with the physical body smoothly and provide more benefits.

In fact, according to legends it is used to ward off the negative energy or the evil spirits.