Kings Hotel and Resort- India’s First Social Media Themed Resort

Whatsapp room

Travel Desk, Delhi Magazine: Isn’t it true that we all enjoy spending time on social networking apps? Why not spend your holiday doing the same thing? Confused? Kings Hotel and Resort is India’s first Social Media themed resort, located in the heart of Karnala. There is a different story to tell in each room. The décor of the rooms are inspired by your favourite apps.

youtube room

They have 9 themed rooms that are all decorated in a unique way with a lot of thought put into the final design. Even the slightest aspects of the logo have been recorded and duplicated, as you can see in the images. They also chose to add to the allure of the environment by using distinctive lighting that matches the app’s aesthetics.

To learn more about the resort, it provides opulent rooms, breathtaking views, and a choice of outdoor and indoor activities. They also have a beautiful poolside view, a kid’s pool, and a rain dance. The location features a lovely bridge with a stunning view of the surrounding nature.

A green Whatsapp room, blue-hued Twitter and Facebook rooms, red, purple, and yellow Instagram rooms, a red YouTube-themed room, and a green-red-yellow Google Chrome room are among the options. TikTok takes the form of a room with red and black emblems.

Whatsapp room

A Pinterest room with a red and white colour scheme that is also connected to a Twitter room is stunning. We also offer a social media theme room with a brilliant yellow and white colour scheme. The resort also includes a two-bedroom villa that can accommodate 12 to 15 people at once.

The beauty of the resort isn’t justified in the images. The place also has a In-House restaurant named ‘Kings Restaurant’. They specialise in Mughlai, Fish  and Tandoor. Their Butter Chicken and  Butter Naan combo is something to die for. Resort also has beautiful outdoor seating and they also manage custom setups for dates, private parties etc near the poolside.

Shreyas Kudalkar

While talking to the owner, Mr. Shreyas Kudalkar, he mentioned “It’s been a longstanding ambition of mine to work in the hospitality sector, and what better place to start than with your own resort, therefore I’ve always wanted to come up with something relatable. We now live in a society where everyone, regardless of generation, spends their ME time on social media. I snatched this chance with both my hands when I saw the possibility to link people with what they enjoy doing the most these days. We all know how important social media has become in our daily lives, to the point where even the tiniest details are communicated through it.:

The customers who have been to the resort, provided a lot of excellent feedback about our resort’s unique rooms. They spend a quiet holiday at the resort because of the picturesque scenery, luxurious rooms, gorgeous panoramas, poolside view, unique theme, and diversity of outdoor and indoor activities. As they post images and reels on social media, the guests rave about the attention to detail as well as the atmosphere of the rooms.

Where : Karnala.

Features : Resort has social media themed rooms.

How to reach :

1) Driving down with your private vehicle is the easiest as the location is road touch & can be easily found on Google Maps.

2) Booking a cab/auto from Panvel station will also help you to reach the destination in 20-30 minutes.

3) Resort is easily accessible through Ola/Uber.


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