Soraia Chaves Talked About Depression that Lived at 27

Soraia Chaves

Soraia Chaves was today talking to Júlia Pinheiro where she talked about more personal issues, namely, the depression she suffered at the age of 27, right after the release of the movie ‘Call Girl’. 

“These mental health issues are still seen as a stigma.  My personal experience tells me that people take a long time to recognize a problem because of the stigmatization of others,” she notes.

However, she spoke of her case: “I started to believe it was so. I had moments of depression associated with melancholy. I suffered a lot” .

Soraia stresses that the disease is something that must be treated, after a necessary recognition of the problem and its sharing with those closest to it. “It was a fight. The most important thing is to recognize that you have a problem, to share and seek help,” she said.

soria chahvasShe recently embraced one of the biggest challenges of her career when playing the main role in the series ‘A Generala ‘, by SIC. The plot is inspired by the story of Maria Luísa Paiva Monteiro, a woman who surprised Portugal in the 90s when it was discovered that for two decades she pretended to be a man, Octávio, to join the Army.

Last Tuesday, the actress  piqued the curiosity of her followers by sharing on social media an image in which she appears featured.

In the legend of the same, she said the series premiere next Tuesday, the 24th of November , and will be exclusive to the OPTO, the new SIC platform. It will also be on that day that the streaming channel will be launched. 

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