Top 23 Most Beautiful Italian Actress

Most beautiful italian lady - monica bellucci

Entertainment -Desk, Delhi- Magazine: When talking about beautiful actresses, most people immediately think of the big international stars from Hollywood. But the Italian film landscape also has a lot to offer. We present you the most beautiful actresses from Italy:


Divine, fragile and beautiful: Monica Bellucci is one of the most loved actresses in the world. Here’s everything you need to know about her.

Most beautiful italian lady - monica bellucci

Monica Bellucci’s  measurments are ideal, 86-61-89, 173 cm in height and  62 pounds in weight. Black hair, cat eyes and perfect curves: it’s no surprise that the actress is considered one of the most beautiful women in the world. In France they venerate her , in Italy they consider her an icon, while in the United States they appreciate her charm, making her one of the most beautiful Italian actresses.

Monica Bellucci was born in 1964 and has crossed 50 years of age, while her charm remains the same. She was born in Città di Castello, Umbria. First a model, then an actress, loved by fashion, Dolce & Gabbana above all. She made her TV debut with Dino Risi in Life with children, then at the cinema with La Riffa di Laudadio, but it is with Malena by Giuseppe Tornatore reaching popularity. In 1996 on the set of The L’Appartamento she met Vincent Cassel and moved to Paris. The two actors, who have two daughters Deva and Leonie, separated in August 2013 after 14 years.

Filmography :  : Vita coi figli (1990), The Raffle (1991), The Apartment (1996), Malèna (2000), Brotherhood of the Wolf (2001), Irréversible (2002), Tears of the Sun (2003), The Matrix Revolutions (2003), The Passion of the Christ (2004), Secret Agents (2004), She Hate Me (2004), Sheitan (2006), Napoleon and Me (2006), Spectre (2015), Nekrotronic (2018)
Spider in the Web (2019), The Man Who Sold His Skin (2020)

Contact info : One can contact to Monica Bellucci at her

Horoscope: Libra

Current Relationship Stutus: Single after two divorces

Height: 5’6 Feet

2. Caterina Murino

italian sexy actress - Caterina Murino

Among the most talented Italian actresses there is undoubtedly Caterina Murino too, the splendid 42 year old born in Cagliari on September 15, 1977. A career full of successes, that of the actress, who started as a model, after having failed twice in the admission exam to the Faculty of Medicine (Caterina Murino initialy wanted to be a doctor and serve poor people around the world). In 1997, she was ranked fifth in Miss Italy. Waiting to see her again on TV , a new fiction broadcast on Canale 5, we retrace the most salient moments of her career and private life.

Despite her undeniable beauty, Caterina Murino was also bullied when she was little. As we learn from various sources on the web, the actress a few years ago told the weekly that other childern made fun of her because of her passion for ballet:

Famous Movies : ‘ Nowhere (2001), L’Enquête Corse (2004), L’Amour Aux Trousses (2004), Eleonora d’Arborea (2005), Les Bronzés 3 : Amis pour  la vie (2006),  Vientos de agua (2006), Casino Royale (2006), St. Trinian’s (2007),  Il seme della discordia (2008), The Garden of Eden (2008),  Alibi e sospetti (2008), Die (2010), The Invincible Piglet (2015), The Squad (2015), Fever (2016), We Are Family (2016), Voice from the Stone (2017), Se son rose (2018).

Zodic Sign:Virgo

Height: 5’7 Feet

Current Relationship Stutus: In relationship with French Rugby Player

3. Ana Caterina Morariu

Beautiful Italian actress - Ana Caterina Morariu

Ana Caterina Morariu, born on November 20, 1980, she is 41 years old. She is much loved in Italy and is a beautiful Italian actress who is equally popular in Italy. Daughter of a ballet dancer, the future actress moved with her family to Italy. Popularity came with ‘Il mio miglior nemico(My best enemy’) , a film by Carlo Verdone in which she took part. She is engaged with director Alessandro Angelini. She gave birth to a daughter named Maria Francesca  in 2017.

Then came many movies, more or less all of the great television hits, among which we mention Squadra Antimafia, Sisters (together with the former Miss Italy 1995 Anna Valle ), The seasons of the heart, The taxi driver and Everything can happen.

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

Height: 5’6 Feet.

Filmography :   Ocean’s Twelve (2004), Il mio miglior nemico (2006) and A Cursed Monarchy (2005), Si accettano miracoli (2015).

Relationship Stutus: In a Relationship with Alessandro Angelini.

Date of Birth: 20 November 1980 (age 40)


4. Carolina Crescentini

Carolina Crescentini beautiful evergreen actress Carolina Crescentini , born in Rome on April 18, 1980, is one of the contemporary Roman actresses who have won a respectable place in the Italian cinema scene. Everyone remembers her in the role of Azzurra in ‘Night before exams – Today’ but her successes are as many as ‘Boris – The Film’ which led her to win the prestigious Silver Ribbon as best supporting actress .

Filmography :  Max e Helene (2015),  Ignorance Is Bliss (2017), De sable et de feu (2019), Mare Fuori (TV Series) and many others.

5. Barbara Ronchi

Barbra Ronchi - one of the most beautiful actress in italy

The next Italian Beauty Barbara Ronchi was born in 1982 in Rome, Italy. She graduated in Classical Archeology and then subsequently obtained a diploma from the Silvio D’Amico Drama Academy. From there she debuted, first in the theatre and then in the cinema. 2013 is marked as the turning point with the film Miele by Valeria Golino. The talent and passion for her work led her to climb the peak of success and in 2016. Make beautiful dreams by Marco Bellocchio, she won the Alida Valli award for best supporting actress and she indeed one of the beautiful Italian actress. Female figure of many films such as What it will be and Our Father, today she is busy on the September set and has just finished filming Sulle Clouds.

Date of birth : June 22, 1982

Filmography: Io sono Babbo Natale (2021), Everything’s Gonna Be Alright (2020),  Tornare (2019), Sole (2019) , Tomorrow’s a New Day (2019).

Marital Status: Unmarried.

Relationship Status: Single.


6. Luisa Ranieri

evergreen italian beauty - Luisa Ranieri

Luisa Ranieri was born in Naples on December 16, 1973. A theatre actress, cinema and television, in 2001 she was the protagonist of an advertising campaign for a soft drink, with the famous hit commercial Anto ‘, it’s hot . She made her debut on the big screen as the protagonist in the film, ‘The Prince and the Pirate’, directed by Leonardo Pieraccioni. In the 2012-2013 season, She hosts Amore criminale (Rai 3) on TV. Among her latest films, in 2013 she starred in the film Maldamore by director Angelo Longoni with Luca Zingaretti, Claudia Gerini, Alessio Boni and Ambra Angiolini. In 2014 she was the godmother of the Venice Film Festival . She is married to Luca Zingaretti , with whom she has a daughter, Emma.

Filmography :Letters to Juliet (2010), The Friends at the Margherita Cafe (2009) and Basette (2006), My Italy (2016), Forever Young (2016), Naples in Veils (2017),  Le indagini di Lolita Lobosco (TV Series).

Date of Birth: December 16, 1973.

Husband Name: Luca Zingaretti


7. Elena Santarelli

Elena Santarelli - young italian actress

Born on August 18, 1981, Latina, she was raised in Sermoneta, Elena Santarelli. She took her first steps in high fashion by parading for some of the best Italian designers as she was sexy Italian actress, there was no looking back for her. The real leap to fame, however, came with the role of valet at L’Eredità , then led by Amadeus. In 2005, participation in the reality show L’IsoladeiFamosi , from which she was eliminated before the final. Her sexy appearance in Max’s calendar is celebrated , which consecrated her as an absolute sexy icon.

Date of birth: August 18, 1981.

Filmography: Se mi vuoi bene (2019), Don Matteo (TV Series), Attenti a quei due – La sfida (TV Series), Emigratis (TV Series), TRL Italy (TV Series).

8. Anna Safroncik

Anna Safroncik beutiful women in italyShe was born in UkraineDecember 4, 1981. but for years now she is residing in Italy where she has made herself known to the public with her courageous and loving characters.

As for her private life, Anna has had several relationships in recent years, the most important of which were those with Giulio Berrut I, an actor known on the set of ‘Il Falco e la Colomba’ with whom she had a 3 and a half year relationship,  and with Paolo Barletta entrepreneur with whom she was engaged for 2 and a half years. She was recently captured by the paparazzi reflecting her romantic involvement with entrepreneur Marco Valta.

9. Laura Morante

Laura Morante evergreen italian actress

Laura Morante, born in Santa Flora (Grosseto), on August 21, 1956. Among the most beautiful and talented Italian actresses it is impossible not to mention her given her career full of successes and films. She began as a theater actress with Carmelo Bene, and then moved on to cinema with ‘Lost Objects’, a film directed by Giuseppe Bertolucci. Among the many awards won, the most remarkable one was the David di Donatello where she was awarded for the best leading actress for ‘The Son’s Room’ and the Silver Ribbon for ‘Love is eternal while it lasts’, also in this case as the best leading actress. She has three children : Eugenia Costantini, Agnese Claisse and Stepan, the latter adopted together with her last husband, the architect Francesco Giammatteo.

Star pills : ‘ A film is like a musical score. You have to follow the conductor, agree with the others, and understand the score, but it is essential to put your own. ‘(LM)

10. Paola Cortellesi

Paola Cortellesi - one of the most sexy actress in italian cinema

Born on November 24, 1973 in Rome, Paola Cortellesi began her career in the entertainment world very early; in fact, already at the age of thirteen she lend her voice for the song “Cacao Meravigliao” within the Back all program . After the scientific maturity, She enrolled in the Faculty of Arts, and soon left it to devote herself completely to the show. At nineteen she began studying acting and in these first years of her career she was mainly on stage and on the radio together with Enrico Vaime for Rai Radio Due. In 1997 comes the debut on TV with the Macao program , where Cortellesi plays the comic character of Argentina. Other television appearances follow, such as Laposta del cuore (1998) and Teatro 18 (2000), and already in these first show she proved to be a character full of great comedy and versatility.

Success for Cortellesi came, however, in 2000 with Mai dire goal and subsequently with Mai dire Grande Fratello (2001), Mai dire Domenica (2002) and Mai dire Monday (2005) she made it big.

She plays a character with Antonio Albanese in two films directed by Milan, her husband since 2011: Mom or Dad? (2017), where the two actors are newly separated spouses who struggle to avoid custody of their children, and come un gatto in tangenziale (2017), in which they are the parents with opposing mentality and social status of two young boys lovers. This latter interpretation allows her to win the Ciakd’oro, the Nastrod’Argento and a new nomination for the David. Two “undercover” comedies follow, the Christmas La Befanavien di notte (2018), where she plays the old woman who fills the stockings of children in disguise, and Ma what the brain tells us (2019), where she is a secret agent posing as a trivial employee of the Ministry.

11. Vittoria Puccini

beautiful Vittoria PucciniVittoria Puccini was born on November 18, 1981 in Florence. She is the daughter of a university professor and an elementary school teacher. After having graduated from the LiceoGinnasio “Michelangelo” in her city, she enrolled at the university by attending the Faculty of Law ; in the meantime, she took her first steps in the world of entertainment starring in Sergio Rubini’s film “All the love that exists”, in 2000

Among her most famous works for TV there is certainly Elisa di Rivombrosa , who gave her notoriety and made her known to the general public. And that in a way for a long time also trapped her in that character. In the cinema , however, she starred in many films, including in Kiss me again by Gabriele Muccino in 2010. Among other fiction also Carini’s The Baroness, The Whole Truth, Once Upon a Time in the City of Fools, The Fugitive . In 2019 she plays Monica, protagonist of the Rai series “While I was away”, flanked by Giuseppe Zeno.

As for private life, Vittoria Puccini in the past has been romantically linked to the actor Alessandro Preziosi known on the set of the “ Elisa di Rivombrosa ” series. The couple in 2006, had a daughter : Elisa, is the eldest daughter of the beautiful Italian actress.

12. Elisabetta Canalis

Elisabetta Canalis sexy italian actressElisabetta Canalis was born in Sassari, on 12 September 1978, she began working in the entertainment world as a showgirl (you will remember her as a valley in various broadcasts and tissue in Striscia with Maddalena Corvaglia), then she discovers herself as an actress, both for TV and the cinema. In 2010 she was the protagonist of At Christmas I get married, with Nancy Brilli, Cristina Del Basso and Lucrezia Piaggio. In 2012 she returned as a Valletta, together with Belen Rodriguez, to the Sanremo Festival . She was engaged to the footballer Christian Vieri and for a short time to Gabriele Muccino. From July 2009 to June 2011 she was linked to actor George Clooney. After leaving Steve-O, on September 14, 2014, after two years of engagement, she married the American surgeon Brian Perri with whom she had a daughter: Skyler.

Star Pills : ‘ In the days when I thought about becoming a mother, I realized that some of my past statements about not feeling a true maternal sense were a lie I told myself: the truth is that I was afraid of feeling such a great love and as definitive as what one feels for a child ‘(CE).

13. Gaia Bermani Amaral

Italia actress Gaia Bermani AmaralShe was born in Sao Paulo in BrazilSeptember 16, 1980. and raised in Italy, has a double passport and an equal love for both countries. Amaral made her big screen debut in 2005, when she played the role of Carla in Days of Abandonment , with Luca Zingaretti. She then returned to the cinema with the films Dust (2009), in the role of Betty, The woman of my life (2010), with Alessandro Gassmann, West Coast (2016) and All ‘improvviso Komir (2016). In 2018 she was among the protagonists of the sentimental comedy Sick of sex , where she plays the role of Giovanna and displayed as one of the sexy Italian actresses. In 2021 she is instead the protagonist of the dramatic The Last Paradise , where she plays Bianca Schettino, daughter of a landowner, and secretly in love with the character played by Riccardo Scamarcio . This film will be released on the Netflix platform starting February 5th.Amaral is now engaged to director Rocco Ricciardulli


14. Micaela Ramazzotti

Micaela Ramazzotti

Micaela Ramazzotti was born in Rome on January 17, 1979. After starting her career making photo novels, she is Zora, in the film debut of the Manetti Bros ‘Zora the Vampire’, a funny cult horror comedy of 1999. In 2009 she was nominated for a David di Donatello for the interpretation in the film ‘Whole life ahead’. In the same year she won the Ciakd’Oro for the film Questione di Cuore by Archibugi and received, in Taormina, the Nastrod’Argento as the revelation actress of the year. In 209 she married Virzì (she has two children, Jacopo and Anna with him), In La prima cosabella, she worked as Anna, the young mother protagonist of the film, played in her maturity years by Stefania Sandrelli. The interpretation wins the approval of the public and critics and earns her the victory of the David di Donatello for best leading actress and the Silver Ribbon for best leading actress .

Star pills : ‘ I love playing fictional characters, I have never compared myself with lived and contemporary ones, even if a few years ago I was close to becoming Gabriella Ferri on the set ‘ (MR).

15. Alice Bellagamba

Alice Bellagamba italian new age actress

Alice was born in Jesi on 1 November 1987 from mother Claudia, dental hygienist and father Tiziano, owner of an optician shop. She has a younger sister named Arianna with whom she has a wonderful relationship. She is very attached to her family and since she moved to Rome for work needs she particularly misses them. Despite the distance, however, Alice always finds a way to reach her relatives and spend moments of serenity with them. During her adolescence she obtained a scholarship for dance which led her to move to Florence, the city where she then attended high school far from her parents. She loves animals, in particular she takes care of Pimpi, the little dog that her ex-boyfriend Luca Napolitano gave her.After the end of her love story with Luca Napolitano, Alice met the model Marco Giammarini and entered into a relationship with him in 2011.

16. Carla Bruni

Carla Bruni - italian evergreen beauty

Super model, actress. Born in 1967 in Turin, Italy, she is a beautiful Italian actress. Towards the end of the 80s Carla Bruni (a student at the Sorbonne in Paris, that time) took her first steps in the world of fashion shows and in a very short time became a regular on the catwalks of Chanel, Versace, Yves Saint Laurent, Christian Lacroix.

Login Olympus of the highest paid models in the world, in 1995 wearing one of the most iconic looks of the millennium with the famous slip dress by Versace in blue silk and a sweetheart neckline.

Among her films as an interpreter, we remember:
Midnight in Paris (2011), Catwalk (1995), Pret-a-Porter (1994),

17. Lodovica Comello

Italian celebrity Lodovica Comello

Lodovica Comello is one of the most popular actresses of the moment, protagonist of the TV series Extravergine and future mother.

Born in 1990, Lodovica is originally from San Daniele , Friuli, and started working in the entertainment world since she was very young. Her big break came in 2011 when she was chosen to play Francesca in the telenovela Violetta created by Disney in collaboration with Pol-ka Producciones. Success was immediate and the actress, together with the cast led by Martina Stoessel , became a star in Argentina and Italy.

In 2013, after the adventure on the set of the TV series and the tour around the world,She produced her first solo album entitled Universe . Two years later she launched her second album Mariposa , followed by the Lodovica World Tour which took her around the world with a series of concerts.

Comello has been married since 2015 to Tomas Goldschmid t, an Argentine producer known during the filming of Violetta. The two, after getting married in great secrecy, moved to Milan.

18. Anna Foglietta

Anna Foglietta is an Italian actress born in Rome on April 3, 1979. After graduating from a scientific high school in the capital, she decides to pursue a career as an actress and debuts on the small screen in 2005 with the TV series The team broadcast on Rai 3Shecontinueshercareer always remaining in the “police” field by joining the cast of the Police District where she plays the role of Inspector Argenti. The first work on the set of a film will be, in 2006, the film 4-4-2 – The most beautiful game in the world . La Foglietta has been nominated several times for the David di Donatello with the films: No one can judge me by the director Massimiliano Bruno, Noi e la Giuliaby Edoardo Leo, Perfect Strangers by Paolo Genovese and A sudden day by Ciro D’Emilio. Despite all these nominations, she never managed to win the coveted prize. In 2019 she was chosen together with Rocco Papaleo to lead the After Festival program . Anna Foglietta had a relationship with the actor, DJ and presenter Enrico Silvestrin , met on the set of the eighth series of the Polizia District, but on June 19, 2010 she married an old school friend, Paolo Sopranzetti, (after having found him on Facebook) with whom she had three children.

19. Alice Pagani

Beautiful Alice PaganiAlice Pagani is a young Italian actress. She is part of the new generation of young Italian actors which also includes Benedetta Gargari and Beatrice Bruschi of SKAM Italia . During middle school, at the age of 12, she began to take her first steps as a model by posing for some photographers in San Benedetto del Tronto, Rome and Milan. In 2014 her mother, on the advice of photographer Francesco Costa, takes her to Rome where she moved at the age of 17 and where she undertook various training courses to become an actress. Meanwhile Alice attended the Osvaldo Licini Art School in Ascoli Piceno. The debut comes in 2016 in the film ‘The permit – 48 hours out , in 2017 it stars in Class Z with Greta Menchi and in 2018 in Loro by Paolo Sorrentino.

She is engaged to the Italian rapper Dark Pyrex (trapper of the Dark Polo Gang, a group which also includes Tony Effe ). The two are very close and have appeared in a few shots in romantic attitudes on Instagram.

20. Greta Scarano

Greta ScaranoGreta Scarano was born on August 27, 1986 in Rome. She studied singing and music, then devoted herself to acting, first in Alabama and later in Rome. After acting in the theatre, she landed on television with Un Posto al Sole . Here, for about two years, she took on the role of Sabrina. The turning point was 2008, when she was chosen for the role of Angelina in Criminal Novel – The Series .From this point on, Greta recorded one hit after another.Despite her young age, Greta has received numerous awards and honors. In 2015, she received the Guglielmo Biraghi Prize for Senza no pietà. The following year, however, she obtained the NastroD’Argento 2016 for Suburra, as best supporting actress.Scarano had a long relationship with colleague Michele Alhaique , met on the set of the film Some Clouds. When their romance ended, Greta lost her mind to director Sydney Sibilia . Today they are happily engaged.

21. Laura Chiatti

Laura ChiattiLaura Chiatti was born in Castiglione del Lago on July 15, 1982. Initially she tried to establish herself as a singer but her career took another path when in 1996 she won the Miss Teenager Europe beauty contest as she was one of the most beautiful Italian actresses. Despite this, she cultivated her singing talent and recorded two records in English. In 2000 she made her debut as an actress in the Rai fiction , Un posto al sole , then moved to the cinema. In 2006 Paolo Sorrentino wanted her in L’amico di famiglia, alongside Giacomo Rizzo and Fabrizio Bentivoglio, then Francesca Comencini chose her for A casa nostra, with Valeria Golino and Luca Zingaretti. The last film in which Laura Chiatti starred is Pane e burlesque, directed by Manuela Tempesta (2014). On 5 July 2014 she married her colleague Marco Bocci with whom she had two children.

22. Alessandra Mastronardi

Alessandra Mastronardi - beautiful italian actress

With her talent and indisputable beauty, the beautiful Neapolitan actress has managed to make herself loved even beyond national borders. Alessandra Mastronardi, born in 1986, is a Neapolitan actress mainly known for the role of Eva in the famous TV series I Cesaroni , alongside Claudio Amendola and Elena Sofia Ricci . Alessandra also has several TV dramas to her credit, La Certosa di Parma ,RomanzoCriminale – La Serie  and Sotto il Cielo di Roma .

We also remember her in the TV series Romeo and Juliet  and in the fiction Atelier Fontana . In her artistic curriculum she also boasts a part in Woody Allen’s film To Rome With Love  and in  Giovanni Veronesi’s The Last Wheel of the Wagon . Her career has long been divided between Italy and America, where she is very much appreciated, so much so that director Anton Corbijn wanted her in the role of Anna Maria Pierangeli in the film Life.Alessandra Mastronardi has been romantically linked to numerous actors, including Vinicio Marchioni (known on the set of RomanzoCriminale ) and Marco Foschi (known on the set of Sotto il Cielo di Roma ). She was romantically linked for six years to Liam McMahon , an Irish actor for whom she had moved to London . After the end of this story, Alessandra meets Ross McCall thanks to mutual friends, with whom she will also work together in the USA. The two currently live together in London, where the actress now feels at home.

23 Miriam Leone

Miriam Leone is an Italian actress, model, and beauty pageant titleholder. She was born on April 14, 1985, in Catania, Sicily, Italy. Miriam Leone rose to fame after winning the title of Miss Italy in 2008. Following her pageant success, she pursued a career in acting.

Miriam has appeared in various Italian television series and films. Some of her notable works include roles in TV series like “Distretto di Polizia,” “Non uccidere,” and “La dama velata.” She has also acted in films such as “Tutto tutto niente niente,” “1992,” and “Il più grande sogno.”


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  1. I agree about Monica Bellucci being the most beautiful Italian actress. She is not only gorgeous, but elegant and talented. Saw her in person at the Miami Film Festival, about 4 years ago and was mesmerized. All that anyone has to do is watch her in Malena and they will fall under her spell.

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