Zodiac Signs and Love: How to Find Love

where to find love according to your zodiac

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Where to Find Your Love According to Your Zodiac Sign?

Easiest, yet not so sought after way to find love is through Zodiac signs and their match. With the era where romance has taken a backseat and videos and social media interaction is considered love, it is difficult to believe that zodiac signs do play a vital role in one’s life especially when it comes to love.

Finding true love can be a difficult task. If you are in search of your soul mate, pay attention to the places that the stars recommend you to reach the love of your life.

If you have not found love, it is probably because you are looking for it in the wrong place, so here we leave you the recommendations based on what the stars have to say so you are there at the right place and at the right time.


A natural leader, Aries are rather attractive and constantly strive to reach new heights in every aspect of their life. From  work, to hobby and of course  personal life.  Arians are most likely to find love at a job conference or while hiking the farthest mountains. So, forget easy apps like tinder and other online apps as Aries prefer unique places to repose.

love couple at gymBesides,  gyms and sports centers are equally viable when you are finding love and  your soul mate. You characterize yourself for being an energetic and competitive person, and you shall love someone who can share that same passion.

Best place/places for you to find your love are: Bars, clubs, sports clubs, festivals, Gym.

Our match suggestions: Leo, Sagittarius, Aquarius


Taurus is sign associated with lots of comfort and coziness. Representatives of this sign feel confident and happiest among family members and friends.With a Tauraian around, even the smallest get together can tranform into an energetic party. There is a great chance that you will find love at such a pleasant dinner, even in your own home – when a friend or relative will share it with another friend. With you we want stability, Comfort, serenity, in short, a romance yes, but not too passionate please.

Couple  at family party

Best place/places to find love for Taurus is/are: Restaurants, small family gatherings, friends party.

Our match suggestions: Cancer, Libra, Virgo


If someone knows how to harness their energies then it is Gemini. Opting for nerve wrecking ways to propose and meet, a blind date would be an ideal way to find the soul mate for a Gemini. Gemini’s also give priority to themselves, hence, they are often very cautious in finding their love. On their companion depends their own happiness therefore, they often wait for longer before plunging into love.  For it to work and incidentally for it to last, you need someone cerebral, sensual and above all open-minded. We are on the verge of advising you to go see the libertine clubs. Otherwise, why not in a karaoke bar or at theater lessons. If your other half is there,you will be spotted! love couple-kissing-movie-theater-

Best place/places to find love for Gemini is/are: Dance Clubs, Parties, Movie Theaters.

Our match suggestions: Leo, Capricorn, Libra, Sagittarius.


But if you are told that you deserve to be loved. Stop doubting it damn it! Result, you chain the conquests and gradually lose faith in this quest for the holy grail of love! We have some advice for you: laughter, laughter and more laughter. An unlimited cure of joy. Without humor, no one will reach your heart. Basically, you can find your ideal anywhere, but as long as the situation and your ideal love is full of un!  Your sensitive and caring personality makes you notice people with good hearts, and you can find them at a volunteer center or aid organizations. love couple at Volunteer center

Best place/places to find love for Cancer is/are: Volunteer center or Aid organizations.

Our match suggestions: Scorpio, Taurus, Libra, Sagittarius.

Lion (LEO)

Do you think you are perfect? It’s not completely wrong. But the problem is, it’s not completely true either. You will have to learn to balance your instinct for superiority. In love, you need to be admired. Too strong a character would risk overshadowing you. Your hunting ground: the dance floor. Highly sensual, you will definitely turn the head of the chosen one!These people are fascinated by taking care of their physique and practicing sports or training in the gym, and it is precisely in these places where they could find love, because when they take care of themselves, it is when they feel most secure and flirtatious.You will find your love at an event with people from your guild. You are a person who is very clear about what you want and for you to achieve your desire, the person who will understand you the most will be someone who has studied the same as you.love couple

Best place/places to find love for LEO is/are: Aerobics, dance classes, fitness center.

Our match suggestions: Sagittarius, Virgo, Capricorn, Scorpio, Gemini

Virgin (Virgo)

You are a person who likes tranquility. Instead of adrenaline and wild adventures, you prefer to read a good book. You will find the love of your life in a library because in addition to sharing common interests, you will be able to explore a new world through reading. Your favorite hobbies are Agriculture, gardening and handicrafts, net surfing, book reading, writing.love couple at book store or library

Bestplace/places to find love for Virgo is/are: Book Store, library.

Our match suggestions: Taurus, Gemini, Scorpio, Leo, Libra, Cancer


It is no secret to anyone that you have a great social life and are always surrounded by many friends, therefore, perhaps the person of your dreams may be waiting for you in a fun center or in a bar. You are a very conciliatory person, so the place where you will find the love of your life may surprise you. When you enjoy life, you bring out your true self, that’s why it is a bar where you will find it. love couple at bar

Best place/places to find love for Libra is/are: fun Centre, Bar.

Our match suggestions: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Leo, Aquarius.


With you the mystery remains, but what we are disclosing here won’t be a surprise to you! Yes, we know it, we know you are a terribly passionate and sensual person. But the problem with passion is possessiveness. You want to be everything for the other, which is not necessarily the case. Learn to relax the pressure a bit. For meetings, we will favor quiet bars, terraces and why not a museum?A museum, an art gallery or a theater; It is there where you will finally find love, taking into account that you are a very passionate person and you hope to find a person with this same quality. love couple at art gallery

Best place/ places to find love for Scorpio is/are: A museum, Art Gallery, Theater.

Our match suggestions: Taurus, Pisces, Leo, Virgo, Cancer


If seducing you is not such a difficult task, winning yourself over is quite another thing. Do you dream of freedom? It is not necessarily incompatible in a relationship; you just have to find the person who will understand it. For that, promote meetings and  trips and getaways. You will find free spirits just like yours.You are a very free and independent person and you really value someone who knows how to understand it and also share it. Therefore, most likely, love is waiting for you on a trip abroad, an airport or a music festival. travel couple

Best place/ places to find love for Sagittarius is/are: Travle, Airport, Music Festival.

Our match suggestions: Aquarius, Leo, Gemini, Pisces


People of this zodiac are addicted to work. They spend most of your time in their workplace, but you may not have paid much attention to your colleague at your workplace. With your partner you can grow professionally and receive great rewards.We know, love, the real thing, you are just waiting for that. You are a complete person, so inevitably, it passes or it breaks. What you need? A little spontaneity! Changing your routine is sure to open up new horizons for you. Go out with your friends and leave the door open to new opportunities (yes, not all of them anyway). couple at work place or office

Best place/ places to find love for Capricorn is/are: Office, work place.

Our match suggestions: Leo, Cancer, Gemini, Scorpio, Virgo


You are very helpful to others and you believe in a better world. This aspect of your personality is something you will never change, which is why your soulmate is at a charity event. You are going to manifest the same love and care. That person will understand your opinion in front of the world and they will have a strong connection.People of this sign are super unpredictable, and this is how love comes to them, in the most unexpected way, in the least expected place and with whom they least expect it, they could even fall in love with the person who are just a usual friend or hit them with the ball at a soccer game.group-of-friends

Best place/ places to find love for Aquarius is/are:Online, Charity Event, friend of friend.

Our match suggestions: Sagittarius, Libra, Aries, Gemini, Leo


You really appreciate art and you know that you would love to find someone with this same hobby; if so, run to a gallery, an exhibition or a museum, there love is probably waiting for you.Run after someone? Very little for you. On the other hand, the revers. You think you are playing a good role by letting yourself be desired, but that does not always work in your favor. Love does not fall from the sky, even if Pascal Obispo made us believe the opposite. You need someone to listen, but you too will have to go through the seduction box.couple on a date in museaum

Best place/ places to find love for Scorpio is/are: Gallery, an Exhibition or a museum

Our match suggestions: Scorpio, Taurus, Cancer.

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