Kristen Nun – USA Female Body Builder – Bio, Pics and History

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Kristen Nun

  • Kristen Nun is a female body builder from Kansas city in USA. She was born in 1985.
  • She starting bodybuilding in the age of 17 years. She used to play soccer.
  • Now, She is in a relationship with Robert James Martin.
    She is also a fitness model.



Kristen Nun With Her Friend John

Kristen Nun with her boy friend James Martin


Facts about Kristen Nun

If you want to know about personal details about Kristen Nun like her background history, her age, family details, height and weight, relationship and marital status, you can find all such information here in this post:

  • Nationality: American.

  • Date of Birth: 4 May, 1985.

  • Height: 5’2 inches, (while other websites claiming 5’10).

  • Weight: 125 to 135 lbs.

  • Age: 35 Years.

  • Sibling: Yes, one younger brother.

  • Relationship Status: Yes, In Relationship.

  • Boyfriend Name: James Martin (Robert James Martin).

  • Zodiac Sign: Aquarius.

  • No. of Tattoos on body: 3.

  • Education: BS Degree.

  • Training Days in a week: 6 Days.

  • Training time: 1.5 to 2 Hours.

  • Food: Salmon, broccoli, sweet potato.

Kriten Nun Family Pic:

In January 2021, First time, Kristen share a pic with her mom,
Kristen Nun's family pic
Latest Pic on 8th June in Gym with caption, “What is for dinner”
Kristen Nun on 8th July 2020
Some Savage pics of Kristen Nun,  can make fall everyone love and admire her hard work:
kristen nun2
kristen nun2
kristen nun1
Kristen nun attitude
kristen nun attitude 2
kristen nun during arm workout
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Natasha Aughey in gym

Other beautiful pics of Kristen Nun:










































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New Kristen Nun Pics with sponsored product:

Kristen Nun: endorsing a product of Natural light

Interesting fact

Due to super fantastic size and muscular body, people blame that she is using steroids.  But she never accepted it.
In a reddit discussion, a user support her and explain that she takes Anaver( an anabolic), that is not a steroid.
People also claims that she’s using winstrol.

Many times people also make fun of her boyfriend, Robert James Martin about her girlfriend’s Kristen Nun muscles that Robert James has a boyfriend rather than a girlfriend. But he always shuts the mouth of commentators with his clever replies.

New pics of Kristen Nun with tiger

Kristen nun in a cage with tiger

Workout Video/ GIF of Kristen Nun:



Amazing Fact about Kristen Nun

Most amazing thing is that she has still a very normal voice. Because, other female bodybuilder’s voice. It makes her different than other female body builders. Her cute face and sweet sound make people fall in love with her.

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kaitlyn vera / hardcore kaitlyn

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strong female body builder -kira neuman

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According to her, “Everyone said I need to post more revealing content.”. Kristen Nun shared a pic with PS5 Box on her Instagram page and sponsored PS5 – Xbox.

kristen nun on 17 dec 2020 for a product promotion

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  1. Kristen has been very motivating for me and I am so impresssed with her over other athletes she stands out and I am looking forward to seeing what I can do as a result of finding such a wonderful role model!

  2. She as well as Kristen are Incredibly Beautiful Valkyric Goddesses, they exemplify the unfathomable beauty of strength resiliance and power of the muscular Female form and figure the very essence of who they are within showing Powerfully upon their Physical Aesthetic character personality from head to toe. They are of those women of muscle that stand out from the generality of muscular female athletes of any and all sports endeavors that are living battle banner standards Magnificently representing and exemplifying what resounding scripture of self and soul written Seductively and Mightily thru muscular Developmental Aesthetic tapestry upon the strong muscular female form !!!!

  3. She is a steroid abusing abomination to herself, humanity, and God ! All these idiots that worship Kristen are either stupid or delusional !! I promise you GOD will have the last say.

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