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Bakhar Nabieva

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Bakhar Nabieva is a Ukrainian female fitness model who is known not only in Ukraine, but also far beyond its borders. She also works as fitness Instructre. She is famous for her slim waist and muscular legs and booty.  She is  known as “Miss Iron Bum”. She has been able to gain many followers on Instagram one of the top fitness models on Instagram. Bakhar Nabieva graduated from the Faculty of Economics at Alfred Nobel University in Dnipro. Bakhar is also endorsing many big sportswear and nutritions brands like Dragon Pharma Labs.

Bakhar Nabieva on 1st august, 2020

Real Life Story of Bakhar Nabieva

Bakhar Nabiyeva was born on April 8, 1994 in Baku (Azerbaijan) in an Iranian family. Due to some family reasons they have to left Azerbaijan and they shifted to Ukraine. She attended a local school in Dnepropetrovsk city. As a child, she was extremely thin, which is why she was very complex and suffered constant bullying from classmates. Bahar first came to the gym in the 11th grade.

Bakhar Nabieva Before - a pics from her childhood

One day, deciding to change everything, and joined gym. At first, she had no idea how to do proper workout, she started general workout and she notice a commendable change in her physic. It motivate her for future. After some time, Bukhar, working in the hall with an emphasis on her legs, began to change rapidly.

She has been fond of sports for a long time and even managed to try herself in running, basketball and volleyball.


Bakhar Nabieva on august 4, 2020

According to Bakhar, “I’ve been in sports for a long time. Always loved to run and compete. There was basketball in my life, and volleyball. I’ve been going to the gym for about 5 years. I always liked to see fit people. Even then it seemed to me that they look much more spectacular than just “slim” ones. Yes, and I was a thin child, it did not suit me, so I decided to take care of myself . Bakhar Nabieva - one of the best female bodybuilder with awesome leg muscles pics

There has always been sport in Bahar’s life. Even in her school years, she played basketball and volleyball, took an active part in the sports life of the school. But even then, the girl did not expect that fitness would become an integral part of her life.

Bakhar Nabieva - beautiful pic 2nd

She also added,”As a child I played volleyball, basketball and ran. But my legs remained thin, and I didn’t like it, – says Bahar. – in 2010, I decided to radically change the situation. She started going to the gym to pump up her leg and butt muscles. At first nothing was noticeable. The results appeared in two years. I go to the gym every day, except weekends. The class lasts 2 hours. I do not follow any diets. Sweets to them always. I have an accelerated metabolism, so fat deposits do not threaten me. ”


bakhar Nabieva at volleyball playground


The changes became so noticeable to those around that, according to the girl herself, she became the object of attention, both men and women – and not always from the positive side.


bakhar Nabieva on Sept 1 at Delhi Magazine photo session


The girl does not particularly limit herself in nutrition, and therefore she participated in competitions only once, eventually taking 5th place. The diet became a real test for her and, in general, she was not satisfied with her performance.

bakhar nabieva with well known bodybuilders

  • In 2012-2013, she took part in university powerlifting competitions and won prizes.
  • In 2014, she worked as an instructor at the Dnepropetrovsk gym.
  • In April 2015, Bakhar Nabieva took part in the Dnipro Cup competition in the fitness bikini category, taking 5th place.

In April 2016, Bahar announced that she was not yet interested in competitions, since this requires a rigid diet and training is not as effective due to lack of energy.Bakhar Nabieva on 24 august, 2020

Meanwhile, her popularity in the media space was growing more and more thanks to the phenomenal proportions and scandals that often arose around Bahar.

Bakhar Nabieva on Dec. 25, 2019

Bakhar Nabieva Life’s Controversies:

Due to overly developed muscles and a low voice, Bahar is often accused of a passion for anabolics and pharmacology. Haters constantly criticised her of her low voice, hinting at the use of high dosages.

2016 can be attributed to the peak of her popularity: the girl posted a video on the social network where she undressed on camera, which caused a huge scandal. However, Bahar herself says that she covered all intimate places with her hands and she has nothing to be ashamed of.

But, we can say that Bahar Nabiyeva made herself. Her career is her tenacity and perseverance.

beautiful pics of bakhar nabieva

Bakhar Nabieva’s Instagram Popularity

Bahar created an Instagram page in April 2015. Since then, it has posted more than 1000 posts and near about 3 milion followers. Her candid photos in lingerie are the most popular. They gain up to 91.5 thousand likes.

Bakhar Nabieva instagram popularity, 2020

Nabieva does not consider herself too much beautiful, but she is pleased that among the many Instagram models, people pay great attention to her. “I am far from the prettiest, but somehow I got the attention of so many people. It doesn’t matter what kind of attention it is, negative or positive, the main thing is it, ”says the girl. By the way, Bakhar’s fame doesn’t scare her, she is afraid that people are now too negatively disposed – everyone is ready to condemn other people for the slightest “deviations” from their usual attitudes. “Every day someone will write nonsense to me. Like, “why, fu, how so, you’re a girl. Bakhar Nabieva - beautiful pic 3

Bahar Nabiyeva has attracted hundreds of thousands of fans from different parts of the world to her activities, who are actively following her success in fitness. Every day the girl pleases subscribers with new short videos from the audience, as well as pictures of her truly stone figure, hence the nickname “Miss Steel Butt”.

Bakhar Nabieva’s Relationship:

Bakhar Nabieva's most lovely pic
Bakhar Nabieva Love

in 2016 Bakhar fell into depression and tried to commit suicide, but she was hospitalized on time. When she was asked what caused such a stupid act, she said that everything through a difficult personal relationship, but a more specific answer from her was not obtained. She just said, “Due to unsuccessful relationships, I tried to leave this life”.

Bakhar Nabieva's booty and leg muscles

On asking about her  present love life she stated,” On the street, guys rarely come to meet. They are afraid to hear “no”. You don’t have to be a bodybuilder and have a lot of money to like me. Bahar shared her thoughts on the ideal boyfriend. My chosen one can be an ordinary man with an athletic body.

                        Bakhar Nabieva – Bio, Wiki, Personal Information

Full name: Bakhar Nabieva

Nick names – Miss Iron Bum, Miss still buttock, Bahadur Gizi.

Date of birth: 08.04.94

Astro Sign: Arise

Place of Birth: Baku, Azerbaijan

Place of Residence: Dnipro, Ukraine

Nationality : Ukrainian

Profession: model and fitness trainer

Family: Belongs to ancestry. Her Father from Azerbaijan and Mother belongs to Ukraine.

Current Relationship Status: Single.

Marital Status: Unmarried

Boyfriend: No

Past Relationship: One unsuccessful.

Friends : Eva Andressa, Romeh Rodrigo, Steve Laureus.

Net worth: from $ 0.5 to $ 2 million

Height: 158 cm

Body weight: 56-63 kg

Bench press – 80 kg

Deadlift – 105 k

Squats – 115 kg

Before and after pics of Bakhar nabieva

Bakhar Nabieva - before and after pic

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Bakhar in Red Dress in winter


Bakhar Nabieva's leg muscles


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