Latest Mehendi (Henna) Designs (2021)

latest Beautiful Mehandi Designs

 What is Mehndi/Henna

Mehndi is a plant of the Lythraceae family. This plant thrives in the hot and dry regions of India. The Japanese name is called “Sashikouhana”.  It is a herb that has a power to overpower light colour.  It is for this reason that Mehndi is used to cover the greys. According to Ayurveda, a traditional Indian medicine, Mehndi is recommended to be milled. Most of the current henna is mechanically ground, and is inevitably exposed to high temperatures.latest mehndi designs

Indian women uses all sixteen adornments from head to toe on special occasions and festivals including her own marriage. Mehndi is considered very auspicious and unlike the women of the previous generation, women now celebrate this. Most women spend lot of time in selecting their Mehndi Designs to apply on their face.  This tradition is not just popular in India and Pakistan, but also in various countries such as Morocco in North Africa, Egypt, Thailand, and Hawaii, Europe, Russia and Japan also.

popular mehndi designs in Europe

Along with the changing fashion and trends, many changes can be observed in the Mehndi designs.  Trending now a days is the Arabic way of Mehndi application. This is a beautiful way to beautify your hands as the designs are splendid. The Arabic way of Mehndi  is easy to apply and appear spectacular. Mehndi designs can be traditional, modern and even Indo-Western. Let us know how the Mehndi designs can be categorized:

  1. Mehndi Designs by Shapes
  2. Mehndi Designs by Region
  3. Bridal Mehndi Design


Mehndi Designs by Shapes

Moroccan Mehndi Design

The Moroccan design is from the Middle East, which gives a very beautiful look without flowers, leaves, lotus and peacock. This is similar to <a href=”#Geometric_Mehndi_design”>geometric henna designs</a> where shapes are pre dominant. Moroccan Mehndi designs are very stylish and can be carried with any kind of clothes, irrespective of the occasion. For a stylish look with a simple look, you can get this design done. Some more beautiful Morrocan Henna Designs are below:

Latest Mehndi Designs

Latest beautiful Moroccan Mehendi Design


top Moroccan Mehendi Design 2


simple Morrocan henna design




Bracelet Mehndi

As the name implies, this is a design made mostly around the wrist. The henna is very precisely applied such that it looks like a bangle or a thick bracelet. The orange, or dark brown color of the henna that appears post drying up is stupendous making the mehndi look amazing. This design can be applied for the bride to-be, or to any one else who wishes to apply. Here are some of the top bracelet mehndi designs:

beautiful bracelet henna designs


beautiful flower bracelet mehendi designs




Floral Mehndi Designs

Flowers are often used for beautification, and when they are used on hands as Mehndi designs, its icing on the cake. Flowers have been traditionally drawn in Mehndi designs as they are easist to draw and also look pretty. Various flower designs can be applied on either the full hand, or just a part can be covered diagonally. Find below images of the latest beautiful floral Mehndi designs:

best beautiful simple mehendi designs for beginners

beautiful mehndi floral designs fro girls


Beautiful Mehendi designs 2


simple henna designs for beginners


pakistani floral mehndi design

Mehandi - India floral Mehandi design


latest Arabic floral mehandi designs

European flower mehndi design

Finger Mehndi Design

With more focus on how fingers can be beautified, this Mehndi design is simply mesmerising. It covers up the fingers that are clad with some jewels and are well manicured with nail paint. This look is popular during Indian festivals such as Raksha Bandhan and Karvachauth. Find below the images of latest beautiful Finger Mehndi Designs:





top finger mehndi designs

unique mehndi designs for fingers

Unique floral and mixed finger henna designs

Geometric Mehndi design

Simple and unique as these designs look, it is equally complex to apply mendi in this style as symmetry needs to be maintained. Flawless symmetry of shapes such as square, triangle and other geometrical designs complete the look.

Trending Geometric Mehndi designs

Glitter Mehndi Designs

After makeup and tattoos, now glitter mehndi is trending.Glitter is used on regular Mehndi Design. In this style spaces in the hand are left blank for the glitter fill up. So if you wish to be in unison with your outfit, this design can be applied and then filled with any color of glitter.

Mehandi - Glittering bridal mehandi design

Mehndi designs by region

Indian Mehndi Designs

beautiful indian mix floral mehandi designIn Indian mehndi, designs of various patterns like peacock, conch, flower, vine and leaves are seen simultaneously. Those which are applied in the hands or on the feet, look very beautiful. Any bride or women feels incomplete without Mehndi application on her hands on weddings of their family members or of their own.  Intricately drawn designs not just look fabulous, but also are reflective of the love a women will get from her future family. Traditionally, it is believed if a woman’s Mehndi displays a dark colour, her love with her future family would be very intense and vice versa, therefore, Mehndiin Indian tradition is quintessentially vital. Here are few images of Latest Indian Mehendi (Henna) Designs:

Indian Bridal Mehandi Design


Latest Full hand Indian Henna Designs

Indian Mehndi art has various sub categories:

Some of them are following:

  • Indian Rajasthani Royal Mehndi Designsunique rajsthani mehndi designs

  • Indian Kashmiri Mehndi Designs: kashmiri latest mehndi design

    Kashmiri mehndi designs are counted among the most famous mehndi designs in the world. Mehndi love of Kashmiri Hindus is also unique. They never forget to celebrate “Mehndi Night” in each wedding. In this mehndi night, ladies apply different mehndi designs. Here are some unique Kashmiri Henna Designs:

    Kashmiri Mehndi designs - round
    Kashmiri round mehndi design for different occasions
    Kashmiri hindu mehndi designs - round
    Beautiful Kashmiri Mehndi design for marriage

    Kashmiri mehndi design 2. simple and easy hand

    Kashmiri mehndi design 4.                                                                                             Kashmiri mehndi design 5

  • Indian Marwadi Mehndi DesignsUnique marwari bridal design

  • Indian Punjabi Mehndi Designs

    Latest Indian Punjabi mehndi designs


Pakistani Mehndi Designs

Both Arabic and Indian style can be seen in Pakistani style mehndi. In this, some parts are darkened with black mehndi, especially highlighting it. Although these designs are more popular among brides, they can also be tried on festivals such as Diwali and Karvachauth for a different look. Find below the images of top latest Pakistani Mehndi Designs:

Mehandi - Beautiful Arabic Mehandi (henna)Design

Beautiful Latest Pakistani Full Hands Henna Design


Latest pakistani henna design2

beautiful pakistani mehndi design for front hand 1

Pakistani bridal mehndi designs
Pakistani bridal mehndi designs


Arabic Mehndi Designs

Latest Arabic beautiful mehandi design 2

This mehndi is also easy to apply and it looks very beautiful. Although many types of experiments are now being done in this mehndi, which is applied like a bell in the hands, but Arabic means the oblique vine. The outlining of the design is highlighted in it. Such designs are being preferred not only on occasions such as Teej, Karva Chauth, but also during weddings. Find below latest Arabic Henna (Mehndi) designs:

latest Beautiful Arabic henna Design


Arabian style mehndi designs with thick flowers are also in trend. you can check some latest Arabic henna designs below:

Arabic bridal mehendi design
Latest Arabic Bridal Floral Henna Design


Latest arabic mehndi design 2
Arabic Mehndi Design 3: big circle in middle
Latest Arabic Henna Design 4
Simple Floral Arabic Henna – Easy Mehndi Arabic Design


Simple Arabic Henna design
Arabic Finger Henna Design
Arabic henna Designs for bridal 5
Simple Floral Arabic Henna Design

Arabic full feet mehndi design



Japanese Henna(Mehndi) Design

Japanese Henna art are inspired by ancient Indian Henna art. It includes mainly plants, flowers, and ivy designs. Popular Mehndi Designs in Japanese Culture are:

  1. Lotus flower
  2. Rose
  3. Butterfly
  4. Mandala
  5. Sun and Moon Designs.

You can see some top Japanese Henna(Mehndi)  designs below:

Mehandi - Japaneses - henna design


latest japanese mehndi designs


beautiful butterfly Japanes mehndi designs


latest Japanese mehnd beautiful designs

japanes mehndi design simple

latest Japanese mehndi designs

Latest Korean Henna Designs:

Here are few  latest Korean Henna designs:

Latest Korean Mehndi design1


Russian Mehndi (Henna)Art

Russian Mehndi designs are the easiest and beautiful way to stand out amongst the crowd!  From the oriental pattern to the most delicate peony, these are stunning.  In Russia, multi -colored rhinestones are sometimes added to the drawings, which looks very impressive, especially in a combination of outfits using shisha embroidery. Henna is used in various colors: white, with various shades of red, black, etc., both in combination and separately.This becomes especially popular in the summer, when girls decorate their arms, legs and other open parts of the body.

Mehandi - Russian beautiful mehandi design3


Mehandi - Russian bridan full hand mehandi design


latest henna designs

Beautiful Russian Henna(Mehndi) Design


European Mehndi Designs

In Europe also, the henna ritual can become an ally to accompany in delicate and complex moments, to give strength and courage and to unite the women who practice it with each other.

The Italian Mehndi Designs include flower crowns, decorative motifs that will make every woman feel like a queen and even more beautiful. Mehndi Designs are popular in pregnancy paints here. They use todo it during the last trimester, often the 7th or 8th month of pregnancy because the seventh and eighth months are the best for creating large mandalas and chains of flowers that will frame the big belly beautifully.


Latest European Mehendi designsThis practice is called Bellymehndi and is often associated with parties such as the Baby Shower (western party given shortly before birth) and Belly Blessing.

mehandi - baby blessing design4


The latter ritual is associated with other practices: the sound of the drum, braiding the hair, and dancing in honor of the future mother. Find below the images of latest European Mehndi Designs:

European mehndi designs


latest European Mehandi designs


latest european mehndi ( henna) designs

latest Japanese Henna designs


European henna design b

European henna design d

European henna design d

European henna design d

European henna design d

Europian flower mehndi design


Chinese Mehndi Designs:


Latest Chinese mehandi design 2

In Taiwan and China there are also many hand-paint stalls that you will often come across in the market. You can draw specified patterns, such as cartoon characters, animals, and geometric elements, according to your personal preferences. As this involves minimal chemical usage, it is recommended. It not only enhances the meaning of hand-drawn blessings, but also draws a person’s story.

Latest Chinese Henna Designs

Find below the images of latest Chinese Mehandi(henna) Designs:

Mehandi - Beautiful Chinese Mehandi Design


unique chinese mehndi design

Chinese Mehndi design for girls


African Mehndi Designs:

Mehandi - african henna design beautifulWhen asked to select mehndi designs, one often ehars various types of designs. These include, Arabic, Traditional, Indo-Western, Mughlai, Simple Tikka Mehndi and a lot more. Among all these, a recent name that is popular is the African heena designs. They are strongly inspired by Indian traditional designs and give intricate and complex sculpted patterns that adorn the hands such that they were tailor-made for them.


Mehandi - African bridal mehndi design


Mehandi - african mehndi designs

Bridal Mehndi Designs

Many rituals are performed in weddings, with each one having their own significance.  One of those rituals is Mehndi Ceremony that is celebrated with pomp and show in Indian weddings. Let us take a look at some unique and beautiful Mehndi designs to enhance the beauty to the bride’s hands:

latest bridal full hand mehndi (henna)designs

Mehndi in the hands of the bride is considered an omen on the day of the wedding. In the earlier times, bridesmaids or relatives used to make a simple circle on her hands to mark the beginning of the positive time.


Mehandi - Europian Bridal Mehandi Design


Gradually, this has evolved and become the most pompous celebration where a professionals are called to draw intricate and tale-telling designs that are breathtaking.

bridal trendding mehndi designs

.In such a situation, it is important to have the most beautiful bridal Mehndi. Although the henna designers have many representation of bridal mehndi, but those designs are now common and revolutionary designs are being used to extract praises from friends and family.

beautiful bridal mehndi designs 1
Beautiful bridal mehndi designs

trendding bridal mehndi designs

Beautiful Indian Bridal full hand henna design

Indian Bridal Full hand Mehendi Design

The specially of above this Indian bridal full hand henna design is “Lord Ganesha” in it.

Afghani Henna Bridal designs
Latest Pakistani Bridal Henna design

henna design for fingers

Japanese Bridal Henna Design

Bridal Henna Design 11

bridal henna design- beautiful arabic full hand mehndi designs                                                                                                      Bridal Henna Design 11

Bridal Leg Henna Designs

Here are some beautiful Leg Henna designs:

beautiful bridal mehndi design for feet

Beautiful Indian bridal feet henna design


bridal leg mehndi designs

Bridal feet Indonesian henna design from

Beautiful Bridal Henna design complete both hands and feet


Unique latest Bridal henna Colored  Feet design

top Bridal mehndi designs

Indian Bridal Henna design – hands and feet


latest henna designs for bridal legs 2 jpg
Bridal Leg Mehndi Design A
Bridal leg design mehndi a
Bridal Leg Mehndi Design B
Bridal leg design mehndi b
Bridal Leg Design Mehndi C
bridal leg design mehndi c
Bridal Leg Mehndi Design D
bridal leg design mehndi d
Bridal Leg Mehndi Design E
bridal leg design mehndi f
Bridal Leg Mehndi Design D
bridal leg mehndi design a
Bridal Leg Mehndi Design C


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