Johnny Depp returns: will the actor play again in Pirates of the Caribbean?

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Hollywood Desk, Delhi Magazine: Johnny Depp has been looking a little sloppy lately and has clearly been going through some tough times. Especially after the grueling 2022 trial against his ex-wife Amber Heard. But now his friends say that he is returning to big cinema. And it is possible that he will appear again in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise as Jack Sparrow.

He also shared a post on Instgram and express his profound gratitude to the exceptional Maïwenn for entrusting him with the role of King of France in ‘Jeanne du Barry’.


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Friends explain that Depp, 60, had something of a “gap year” – more like two years, actually – following his legal battle with Amber Heard.

A Virginia judge ruled in Depp’s favor that Heard had defamed him on three counts with her allegations of domestic violence.

Sources say Depp was euphoric at the acquittal and although Heard only won one counterclaim, the lengthy trial clearly took its toll on him.

Depp stopped appearing in public, grew his hair long and gained weight. He traveled widely, including to Saudi Arabia, where he became friends with the royal family, who have since financially supported some of his film projects.

He also spent months on his $5 million private Caribbean island of Little Parrot Cay, holed up with select pals.

Then double tragedy struck: his friend, musician Jeff Beck, and his pal, Pogues frontman Shane MacGowan, died. But Depp decided to radically change his life. Last week he appeared at the London premiere of his new French film, Jeanne DuBarry, showing off his new look.

He even turned to Odile Gilbert – one of the most famous hairdressers in Paris – to get his hair in order. And he lost a lot of weight.

Depp hopes that his transformation will be fully completed in the fall, and he has plans for new major commercial and film projects.

When it comes to Captain Jack Sparrow, the question on everyone’s lips is whether Depp will reprise the fan-favorite role. Pirates of the Caribbean producer Jerry Bruckheimer said he would like to bring Depp back, even in a cameo role.

But the rumor that Depp was dating his lawyer Joel Rich turned out to be untrue. The actor’s heart is not taken yet.

Earlier he expressed interest in acquiring a medieval castle nestled in the serene Italian countryside. Depp’s fascination with the historic property emerged during his visit to the picturesque castle located in Montalto Dora, Turin, Italy, where he was filming scenes for an upcoming movie centered around the life of renowned artist Modigliani.

The quaint town of Montalto Dora, with its modest population of just over 3,000 residents, found itself thrust into the spotlight as rumors swirled about Depp’s potential real estate venture. TMZ, a notable entertainment news outlet, shed light on Depp’s intentions, stirring curiosity among fans and locals alike.

With an estimated value of around $4 million, the castle in question had been put up for sale, presenting a unique opportunity for Depp to delve into the realm of Italian heritage. However, amidst the excitement surrounding Depp’s potential acquisition, murmurs of apprehension began to circulate within the tight-knit community. Some of the townspeople expressed reservations about the prospect of Depp becoming a resident, citing concerns about potential disruptions to their tranquil way of life.

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