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Cindy landolt bodybulder

Cinderella Landolt

Cinderella Landolt aka Cindy Landolt is a swiss born female bodybuilder and fitness trainer and a supermodel. She is founder of Swiss gym Centurion Club. She is 5’10 feet tall and one of the tallest female bodybuilders in the world. She is also known as Swiss Mountains.

Cindy landolt muscle woman


Cindy Landolt is a self-employed entrepreneur who inspires her fans through social media and her gym to achieve their fitness goals. Looks like this beautiful lady won’t stop until she has taken over the world and we are solidly behind her the whole way!

Cindy landolt bio

She is born on 11 January 1985 in Wetzikon in a small town in the Zurich Highlands area of Switzerland. Her parents were in sports. Her father was a Swiss master Cyclist. She grew up in the beautiful landscapes of the mountains and the Swiss Alps. She soon developed a fondness for the outdoors activities and outdoor sports. She spent much of her childhood playing in open air with her siblings. When she was just four years old, her mother took her to a ballet class for the first time. At the age of 5, her mother introduced her to the local gymnastics centre of the county later switched to rhythmic gymnastics. She was an exceptional gymnast who won many gymnastic competitions.  Her father helped Cindy to take interest in hiking skiing, swimming, running and snowboarding.

Cindy landolt after hiit work out

At the age of 16, she started weight training but also did a lot of endurance sports.

beautiy queen cindy landolt

At the age of 20, she came second in the Miss Zurich Contest in 2005.  After sometime, she realized that she was created differently, but beautifully, Cindy decided to join a local gym and, having received a subscription, began to train long and hard. Her goal was to sculpt the body of her dreams and it seems she succeeded. Within eight years she has trained herself from a slim model to a muscle woman. She has become very popular for her hard muscles and abs. The sky was just the starting point for this young star who took it one step further and enrolled in the Swiss Academy of Fitness and Sport.

body builder cindy

It was to get professional qualifications to become a fitness trainer. She graduated from the Swiss Academy of Fitness and Sport after 3 long years of learning. After graduating, Cindy began to design and execute projects to create her own brand in the fitness world.

At 22, She started own business as a personal trainer.  In her own fitness centre Centurion Club Zurich, she trains and advises her customers on questions about muscle building, fat burning and nutrition. She has also written several e-books, including “11 Essential Tips for Perfect Legs and 8 for Weight Loss.”

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In Miami, Cindy had her breasts enlarged in 2013, because she thinks that, she is strong and muscular but she is still a woman.


cindy landolt after breast transplant

Cindy landolt boobs


She fully focused on strength training. Her training is based on powerlifting. According to Cindy, it was the best decision she has ever made.

“I pay close attention to a balanced, protein-rich diet, but I also like to treat myself to a glass or two of wine in the evening. It’s okay if you drink them with your meal,” says Landolt. She is very well disciplined.

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Cindy Landolt’s Body Measurements:


She is 5’10 inches tall and her weight is 80 Kg. Her thighs are 63 centimetres in circumference

Cindy Landolt’s Personal life:

gareth ridpath and cindy landolt

cindy landolt and greth

cindy landolt and her husband

She was married with motorsport racing driver Gareth Wayne Ridpath. She met Greth in a fitness centre in 2008. She is currently living with her husband in a two-story apartment with lake view in Wollerau Zurich. Cindy Landolt can deadlift 150 pounds and bench press 100 pounds. Her thighs are 63 centimetres in circumference. Weight training has been her life for almost 20 years.


The 35-year-old had to close her fitness studio in Zurich’s Seefield, the place where she usually spends 10 to 15 hours a day. “I had an oppressive feeling days before the lockdown,” says the well-known personal trainer.

cindy during work out in her gym


When she was a model, Cindy weighed 59 kilos. Today it’s 20 kilos more. Experts consider this change to be an exception

cindy landolt during earlier modeling days and before breast transplan


Cindy’s workout schedule for the week is as follows:

Monday – upper body circuit

Tuesday – Back and Posterior Chain

Wednesday – rest day

Thursday – Chest, arms and abdominals

Friday – Leg day (Ouch!)

Saturday – day off

Sunday – rest day

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Cindy Landolt wiki/ BIO / History :

BIRTHDAY: January 11, 1985

BIRTHPLACE: Wetzikon, Switzerland

AGE : 35 years old

BIRTH SIGN : Capricorn

Religion: Christianity

Nationality: Swiss

Occupation: Fitness Trainer/Bodybuilder

Relationship Status: In Relationship

Boy- Friend / Husband Name: Gareth Wayne Ridpat

Family Members: Jennifer (Sister)

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Some other more beautiful pics of Cindy Landolt

Cindy landolt supermodel

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Cindy landolt 7

Cindy landolt beautiful bodybulder

Cindy landolt beautiful bodybulder2

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Cindy landolt blond pic

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Cindy landolt nude ass

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Cindy landolt nude big ass

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