All India is Lock Down for 21 Days to Fight With Corona-virus : PM Narendera Modi

COVID-19 lockdown india

15 000 Crore Allotted for fight to Corona virus disease .

In today’s speech, our PM Narendera Modi  announced 21 days lock down.
He also described that it will necessary to break the chain of Corona virus.
Your one step outside from your house can bring coronavirus in your family, so stay safe and stay home. Be careful.
It will be a complete lock-down for 3 weeks. We need to save every citizen of the county. It’s time to keep patient in our society. We need to obey this for our society.

In his speech he also mentioned – “Of course the country will have to bear the economic cost of the lockdown. But, saving the lives of every Indian, your family, is the biggest priority for me, the Government of India, and the State Government. So I request to you with folded hands that wherever you are in the country, stay there. In view of the present situation, the lockdown in the country will be 21 days (three weeks.) Last time I spoke, then I said that I have come to ask you for a few weeks. The coming 21 days are very important for every citizen, every family. The time of 21 days is crucial for breaking the corona virus infection cycle. If not 21 days is possible, the country and your family will go back 21 years. Many families will be devastated forever. I am saying this not as a Prime Minister, but as a member of your family. Forget what it is to get out, forget it for 21 days. Stay at home and do the same thing.”

Social Distancing is only way to save your self and family From Coronavirus: Pm Narendra Modi

Every should obey the rule of Social Distancing at this time.
He also said that he also like the way how to people use social media plateform. He also share a banner on it.
He didn’t forget to mention to about current situation of other developed countries like China, America, Italy and Spain.


DPIIT started real time monitoring

The Department of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT) on Thursday set up a control room for real-time monitoring of the transportation of essential commodities, delivery of goods during the 21-day lockdown. In a statement issued by DPIIT, if a manufacturer, transporter, distributor, wholesaler or e-commerce company has any problem at the ground level then it can contact the control room.

Congress leader and former finance minister P. Chidambaram praised this decision to lockdown the country for 21 days. Chidambaram has appealed to the citizens to think of the Prime Minister as their commander in this difficult time and act on their orders like a soldier. To deal with this difficult time, Chidambaram has also suggested a ten-point formula to the government. He said the lockdown would add to the trouble. In such a situation, it is necessary to provide cash and ration assistance to the people immediately, so that people do not have to come out of the houses.

He said that due to the lockdown, people would need money and food. In such a situation, we have to make arrangements not only for 21 days, but also for a few weeks after the lockdown. In his suggestions to the central government, Chidambaram has requested to make people’s salaries and jobs secure.


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