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Beautiful and Attractive Russian Women

It is undeniable that Russia is the homeland of some of the most admirable, ambitious and beautiful women in the world. Russia is also among the 10 countries with the most beautiful women. According to many men, the Slavic woman is the most attractive in the world. This obviously depends on individual tastes, but if we refer to girls of the “Caucasian” type, it is generally these women who are considered to be the prettiest. The Russian Slavic woman is the dream of many men. For some of them, these are the most attractive girls in the world. Their particular style coupled with their seemingly cold character does not leave you indifferent.  Keep reading the list to know the 20 most beautiful Russian Actresses

Paulina Andreeva

one of the top russian actresses - Paulina AndreevaPaulina Olegovna Andreeva (real name Ekaterina) is a Russian actress who made her film debut in 2007 with a cameo role in the series Law and Order. The series Thaw, released in 2013, brought her fame, but after the premieres of the film Locust and the TV series Method, Paulina Andreeva was called almost the most promising Russian actress of the “young generation”.

Anastasia Makeeva

Most beautiful russian woman -Anastasia Makeeva

Nastya was born and raised in Krasnodar. She has certainly imbibed the creative side of hers from her father. It is believed that her father from childhood instilled in her an inclinatin towards music. This love enhanced as she grew up. Her father for a short while was a member of the vocal and instrumental ensemble, and Anastasia made a creative debut there.

After school, she entered the Krasnodar Music college, Rimsky-korsakova, and at the same time she began to attend model courses, which helped her in 1998 to successfully perform at her first beauty pageant and win the title of Miss Krasnodar. She is known for her talent in works like Obratnyyotschet (2006), Sniffer (2013) and Georg (2007).

Katerina Shpitsa

Katerina Shpitsa - talented and beautiful Russian actress

Katerina began her acting career in the theatre. Her work was noticed and she was henceforth invited to shoot a film. In addition to cinema, Katerina often takes part in various Russian television shows and programs and gained maximum popularity after her shows Katya: The Millitary story in 2009 and Brothel Lights that she did in 2011.

Anna Andreevna Gorshkova

Anna Andreevna Gorshkova - beautiful Russian lady

A pretty smile and piercing look are anna’s main trump cards. The beautiful and charming actress first appeared to the public in the film “poor nastya”. She was born on November 28, 1983, in Moscow and has been acting in films since 2003. Her first role was that of Polinapenkova in the TV series “poor nastya”. She was recognized not just for acting and her beauty, but also as  Fashion Model.

Ekaterina Aleksandrovna Klimova

Ekaterina Aleksandrovna Klimova - Evergreen beautiful Russian actress

Starring in more than 50 films, Ekaterina became famous from klimova that brought the dilogy “we are from the future”.  She is now 42 years old and was born on January 24, in 1978 in Moscow. Not just films, she also was a famous Russian theatre actress, a performer of romances and many more accreditation are in her name.

Yanina Sergeevna Studilina

Beautiful Yanina Sergeevna Studilina Russian actress

Some actress remain one film wonders and there are some who create wonders after one film. Yaninasergeevnastudilina was the later who gained immense popularity after her role of Zelenova in the tv series “Ranetki” (2008-2010). She was born in 1985 in August in Omsk. Alternative careers that she was a part of are TV Presenter, Fashion Model and Film and theatre Actress.10. . Anna snatkina

In just a few years, the actress has achieved popularity and boundless love among fans. In 2011, maxim magazine named anna one of the sexiest women in Russia.

Yuliya snigir

Yuliya snigir most beautiful Russian evergreen actressA famous face on TV and in films, Yuliya has been a  TV presenter and a fashion model. This Beautiful Russian Actress has hosted program “theory of relativity” on STS. Since 2010 she has been a tv presenter on the Petersburg – channel five. The film “the last slaughter”, filmed in 2006, is considered a film debut for Yulia Yulia also took part in the filming of the films “vaccine”, “gloss”. In addition, the shooting of the clip of the “beasts” group for the song “see you soon” brought some fame to her.  Another step in achieving the heights of acting for julia was the project of fyodorbondarchuk “inhabited island”.


Natalia Rudova

Natalia Rudova sexy russian actressOne of the famous Russian Actress has repeatedly occupied top places in the ratings of the most beautiful Russian actresses. And although her acting career began relatively recently, she managed to win hundreds of fans. All this is due to her natural beauty and magnificent figure that allures everyone.


Olga Fadeeva

Olga fadeeva - one of the top russian actresses

Beauty at its best, Olga Fadeeva is a star who has worked in many films. She is known for her work through the following series: “Soldiers”, “Factory of Happiness”, “Blue Nights”, “Gypsies”, “Widow Steamer” and many more . Born on October 15, 1978, in Minsk, Belorussianssr, Russia, she has done some profound work in Russian Theatre as well. She is mother of one and is married to Aleksandr Samokhvalov since 2008.

Aglaya Tarasova

top russian actress Aglaya TarasovaHer real name is Daria. She is the daughter of the stunning actress Ksenia Rappoport. The girl is 25 years old, so far she has taken part in 18 film projects. Aglaya was not going to connect her life with cinema, after school she entered St. Petersburg university, she wanted to become a political scientist. However, everything turned out differently. In 2012, a month after the start of classes at the university, Aglaya was invited to the cinema.

Lyanka Gryu

Lyanka Gryu - Lyanka Gryu russian Actress in hollywoodDespite the fact that Lyanka has been living in the USA for a long time, she is still considered one of the most renowned Russian Actresses. Her real name is Lyanailnitskaya, and she is 33 years old. The actress began acting at the age of four and has acted in 52 films. Lyanka was born in Moscow and is now married to director Mikhail Weinberg.

Maria Kozhevnikova

Sexy russian lady -Maria Kozhevnikova

She is an exemplary character of beauty with brains. This 36-year-old girl is a Master of sports and is even a Politician. In september 2009, Maria took part in a photo shoot for the men’s magazine “playboy” – in five of the eight photos she was completely naked that stormed the audience. Maria has 54 films in her name. She is one among the  “Golden” three Beautiful Russian actresses according to people. She was born in Moscow and is popular throughout.

Elizaveta Arzamasova

Elizaveta Arzamasova - one of the Most beautiful and sexy Russian girl

Another star of “daddy’s daughters” is Liza Arzamasova. The muscovite is 23 years old, in her professional piggy bank there are almost 60 roles.  The actress is in demand in the theatre as she has made a mark there. She collaborates with famous theatre directors. Liza Arzamasova is a member of the board of trustees of the old age in joy charitable foundation, seems like she is doing her bit towards the society.

Anna Chipovskaya

Beautiful Russian Lady - Anna Chipovskaya

The star of the films “Thaw”, “operation” Color of the nation “,” Ulanskaya ballad “and” Yolki-3 “- all boast of featuring the star Anna Chipovskaya. She is really good! Anna is 34 years old, she is a muscovite. In her acting luggage, there are already 44 roles and two honorary awards: The Golden Eagle award for best supporting actress in the film without borders and another Golden Eagle for best actress on television in the series ‘Walking Through the Torment.  Anna has played in more than 10 theatrical productions.

Rappoport Ksenia Alexandrovna

attractive and evergreen russian actress - Rappoport Ksenia AlexandrovnaBorn on March 25, 1974 in Leningrad (now – St. Petersburg). She is also mother of actress Aglayatarasova. She graduated from the Academy of Theatre Arts in St. Petersburg. Then, in 2000, after which she was hired by Maly Theatre from which was an onset of her acting career. Acted in the Maly Drama Theatre – “Theatre of Europe”, this Russian actress Ksenia Rappaport received one of the key roles in her historical drama Prague Orgy (2019) from director and screenwriter Irena Pavlásková.

Ksenia Rappaport appeared on the screen in the American drama Anna Karenina , in the Russian historical film Rasputin , starring Gérard Depardieu , in the sports film Ice and in the tragicomic thriller Russkijběs .


Svetlana Ivanova

cutest Russian actressBorn on September 26, 1985 in Moscow, she was a child of energy engineers. In 2006 she graduated from VGIK (workshop of I.N. Yasulovich). Her first experience in cinema is one of the key roles in the series Farewell Echo. The debut in big cinema took place in the film “9th Company” by Fyodor Bondarchuk. The first major film work – the main female role in the film “Franz + Polina” directed by the debutant Mikhail Segal. Both the films itself and Svetlana as Polina received many national and international prizes at various film festivals


Lugovaya Maria Alexandrovna

Beautiful Russian woman - Lugovaya Maria Alexandrovna

Born on July 23, 1987 in Leningrad (now St. Petersburg),  she completed her graduation from SPbGATI (course of S. Spivak) in 2009. Post completion of her course, she remained an actress of the State Academic Drama Theatre named after A.S. Pushkin (Alexandrinsky Theatre / St. Petersburg). Since 2013 – actress of the Moscow Youth Theatre. Since January 2018 she has been in a relationship with the actor Sergey Lavygin.  She has been married to Sergey Lavygin since January 25, 2020. Her latest movies include – Dead Mountain: The Dyatlov Pass Incident.

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Svetlana khodchenkova

Russian beauty - Svetlana khodchenkova

Svetlana has played many roles in many films and tv series, including those directed by foreign directors. The bright and unforgettable actress has won numerous awards for displaying her acting talent so powerfully. She attracts crowds of fans and has been doing that eversince she started her career. She was born in 1983 on the 21st January. .

Elena Yurievna Korikova

Elena Yurievna Korikova Russian ActressRussian film and theatre actress, Korikova often starred in the video clips of a. Pugacheva, f. Kirkorov, v. Leontyev, d. Malikov, l. Agutin, i. Krutoy and others. She worked in New York as a model and actress. In 2005, Elena Korikova took second place in the list of the sexiest women in the world according to the FHM magazine in the Russian edition. Films like “the young lady peasant”, “poor nastya”, “the right to love”, “captain’s children”, “champion”, “promotion”, “the kiss of socrates”, “complex of validity” are some wonders in her name. She was born in April 12, in 1972 in Tobolsk. Apart from films she has also been a TV Presenter and began her career in 1990. Some more famous films to her credit are

Lizamuromskaya (young peasant woman, 1995), Anna (anastasia at baptism) and Platonova in the tv series “poor nastya” (2003-2004).

Lyubov  Aksyonova

Lyubov  Aksyonova - sexy russian girl

Lyubov Pavlovna Aksyonova (nee Novikova) was born on March 15, 1990 in Moscow. The parents of the future actress have nothing to do with cinema and theatre, her mother is a pharmacist, and her father is a military man, Russian by nationality. In 2010 she graduated from RATI (GITIS, workshop of A. Sheinin). Lyubov Aksyonova is a Russian actress who, with her appearance and ability to stay organically in the frame, confirms the words of the classic “beauty will save the world”. The actress has become a favorite of the audience of the melodramatic stories.

Marina Aleksandrova

Russian beauty - Marina Aleksandrova

She was born on August 29, 1982 in the city of Kiskunmaisha (Hungary). Her father, a lieutenant colonel, and mother – an employee of the Pedagogical University. Herzen. The first five years she lived with her parents in Hungary, then the family moved to Transbaikalia, and later to St. Petersburg.

Renata Litvinova

evergreen - all time most sexy Russian Actress - Renata LitvinovaShe is a Actress, Director, Writer- 79 works in 56 projects. She was born on January 12, 1967 in Moscow into a family of doctors. In 1989 she graduated from the screenwriting department of VGIK. She made her debut as an actress in the film Two Arrows. Stone Age detective “, and starring in the films” Hobbies “and” Three stories “, has earned a reputation as a stylish and extraordinary actress.

Spouses: Leonid Dobrovsky (m. 2001–2007)(div.), Aleksandr Antipov (m. 1996–1997)(div.)


Agnia Ditkovskite

beautiful russian actress Agnia Ditkovskite in top 5 Born on 11th May 1988, Vilnius, Lithuanianssr, in Russia, she was  a talented actress. Following her mother’s talent, who was also a famous Russian actress called Tatyanalyutaeva, Agnia Ditkovskite has made a mark for herself in the industry.  Seen in wonderful films such as “Heat”, “Death by Testament”, “Mmountaineer”, “At the game”, “Two love stories”, “Robinson”, “Only you”, and “Toy seller”, this young actress is in for lots more.

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