Beautiful and Fashionable Haircuts for Short Length Hair Ladies

Page hair style for short hair ladies

Fashon Desk, Delhi Magazine: Haircut is always an important event for us women! Just a scissor kick of even a few centimeters and our look is completely transformed, making us feel like new people.

Therefore, choosing the right haircut is of paramount importance! To be on the safe side – and avoid regretting some “madness” that will be difficult to remedy – our advice is to focus on a hairlook that can always be fashionable , without being tempted by the most improbable oddities of the season that in a couple by months they will be absolutely out .

Top Trendy Women’s Haircut Styles:

Short Hair allows women to experience styling freedom and image sharpness that they could not even dream of. In fact, short haircuts in 2022 is a trend that has conquered women all over the world and celebrities have been the first fans on the list. Check out the latest iconic shortcuts captured on the red carpet!

1. Bowl Haircut Style for Short and Middle Lenth Hairs

A short haircut originally from the sixties is experiencing a new surge in popularity this year. Her bright feature is an expressive bang, and most often thick and high. This means that the strands are taken directly from the crown. But such a form will have to be regularly maintained and laid.

1. The Fringe Haircut Style

Fringe is one of the main trends in 2022 haircuts, it is to be combined with both medium and short cuts. There are several variations of the bangs that change mainly according to the length of the hair. For medium length hair, the trendy fringe of 2022 is the one called “bottleneck” that we see very often worn by the beautiful Dakota Johnson.

Fringe haircut for girls


fringe haircut for women

2. Bob Haircut Style

The other haircut that is in fashion in 2022 is the short bob and long bob  , that is, the short bob. A haircut that is easy to manage, just wash and dry your hair to always have a perfect and neat cut. It is a haircut below the ears which, however, never reaches the shoulders.

The short bob is a cut that is good for any month of 2022 and is suitable, thanks to its variants, for all women of any age . A cut that allows you to play with textures, volumes, colors and folds.

short hair cut styles for women

A long bob or bob with lengthening is a spectacular compromise option when you want to add volume, but keep the length. The front strands are much longer than the back ones, and the length at the back of the head can reach the shoulders. This haircut is very fond of Hollywood celebrities. And she is good even without styling and grows neatly.

3. Pin up Haircut Style

Retro style never goes out of style! After all, the pin-ups of the past continue to exert their charm even today and Dita Von Teese has interpreted the style at its best, making it more than you love current.

pinned up style for short hairs

The features of the rockabilly style haircut ? Soft and very structured waves.

4. Garson

Garcon is one of the variations of haircuts “under the boy”, but very graceful and elegant. She harmoniously looks in the most romantic and feminine images. And its peculiarity is in a smooth transition and graduation, but at the same time with clear geometric shapes. By the way, the garcon perfectly resets the age!

garcon hair cut for ladies

5. Shaggy

Shaggy is a concentration of creative mess with torn or milled strands. The fashion for such negligence was formed in the seventies. Shaggy haircut looks spectacular at any length and suits any type of hair.

shaggy haircut for medium hairs

It is especially good for naughty curls, because it helps to cope with them without styling.


6. Rhapsody

Elegant and graceful cascading haircut is one of the most relevant in 2021. Rhapsody is good on straight and wavy hair, with or without styling. The secret is in the different lengths of the strands on the sides, bottom and crown. Due to this, volume is preserved from above, and strands of different lengths are intricately intertwined from below.

Rhapsody hair style for women

7. Aurora

Another guest from the past in 2021 is an aurora haircut straight from the late eighties. It resembles a cap, but with sharper and more contrasting length transitions. Now the aurora with ragged straight or oblique bangs is especially relevant.

Aurora hair cut for women

8. Mullet

Among the extravagant hairstyles that are fashionable in 2021, the mullet is unconditionally at the top of all ratings. Here the elements of both the hedgehog and the cascade are real chaos.

Mullet hair style for women

The professionalism of the master is fundamentally important in order to choose the mallet for the shape of the face. Indeed, behind the deliberate simplicity and negligence, the most work is always hidden.

9. Asymmetry

The culture of asymmetrical haircuts continues to evolve and improve rapidly. Asymmetric elements are used in hairstyles of any length. The most popular of them is still a shaved temple, which can be supplemented with a shocking short haircut or hidden under classic curls.

Asymmetry hairstyle for women

10. Sesson

Sesson can rightly be called a real hairdressing masterpiece. It requires almost jewelry skill, but then it does not cause trouble at all. A neat and complex shape is maintained even without styling. In 2021, sesson is increasingly being done on medium hair lengths. The only negative is that it is hardly suitable for curls.


11. Page

In the new season, pay attention to modern interpretations of the page with an elongated oblique bangs or highlighted side strands. This haircut has become lighter and more careless, and no longer requires the hairs to lie perfectly smooth.

Page  hair style for short hair ladies

12. Pixies

The short pixie cut is a cut that is suitable for all women of all ages, a nice cut to wear cheeky and disheveled that highlights the features of the face. This cut is suitable for both straight, curly and wavy hair and is always very practical, feminine and elegant.

pixie cut - haircut style

Pixie is impeccable style and freedom. And these are not empty words, because it’s not just that the fashion for this haircut blew up the whole world, and has not lost ground for several seasons. This year, opt for an elongated asymmetrical pixie with oblique bangs, a short nape and tousled strands. And it is in harmony with complex creative coloring.

In the classic short pixie cut the hair is scaled and is shorter behind and on the sides and while it is longer on the top of the head and there can be a fringe or a tuft.

13 . Cascading caret

The perfect modern choice for medium length hair. Compared to the classic square, the cascade is more voluminous, bright and expressive. And due to the variety of shapes and variations, it fits any type. A cascading square looks equally impressive with or without bangs, with a central or side parting, and also in an asymmetric design.

cascading caret hair style for short and middle length hair





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