How to Send Sticker on Whats App

If you want to wish people by sending WhatsApp Stickers to your loved ones on  special occasions like Birthday, Valentine’s Day, New Year, etc., here we are telling you how. We will also be telling you how to customize sticker packs.

Whether it is Holi, Diwali, Raksha Bandhan or Mothers Day, you can wish people or family members with WhatsApp stickers. Now you may be thinking how to send stickers on WhatsApp, as these stickers are not pre-installed, then we are telling you how to do this. Here we are telling you where to find WhatsApp Stickers and how to send them to wish the festivals.
There are two ways to send Holi stickers on WhatsApp. The first way is to download any Holi sticker pack from Google Play Store. Second, you can create custom stickers.

How to download WhatsApp Stickers?

The way to download Holi /Diwali/ Birthday/ New Year/ Mothers Day Stickers is easy.
  1. For this go to Google Play Store
  2. Search the WhatsApp sticker by typing the name of the occasion. For example you want to download stickers for Diwali , search “Diwali stickers for whatsup”. Or if you want to install for Raksha Bandhan, search –“WhatsApp stickers for Raksha Bandhan” or “WhatsApp stickers for Rakhi”.
  3. Here you will find many options of stickers for all occasion.
  4. Download any of these according to occasion and add it to WhatsApp.
  5. Once the add is done, go to a chat window on WhatsApp
  6. And send them as normal stickers.

How to make custom stickers?

Downloading stickers for WhatsApp is easy, but a little trick is required to create a custom sticker pack. Here we are telling you how to make custom WhatsApp stickers.
1- Go to Google Play Store and search any background eraser app.
2- Now select the photo you want to convert into a sticker.
3- Delete the background and crop the photo accordingly.
4- Save the image in PNG format (WhatsApp only supports PNG format for stickers).
5- Now you have to download another app named ‘Personal Stickers’ for WhatsApp.
6- This app will automatically detect all stickers.
7- Press the ‘Add’ button next to the stickers.
8- Once asked to add the sticker pack in WhatsApp, tap once again on the ‘Add’ button.
Please see that users have to make at least three stickers, because WhatsApp does not allow adding stickers packs less than three photos.

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