How to Remove Bad Breath

how to get rid of bed breath smell

Bad Breath or Mouth Odour Problem

Just like fragrance is liked by all, bad odour is a complete turn off. Your smell reflects your persona, and to let you know that a child who is just born recognizes the mother through her smell. The intensity and efficacy of smell is little known to all. Let us today enumerate the various reasons why bad breath occurs.

A lot of people complain that even after brushing their teeth well, an odor invariably bothers them and others who come near them. This lead to embarrassing situations a lot of time. But what people do? they change their toothpaste and believe that this replacement would perhaps change the way they smell. However, this ain’t true! There are numerous remedies which are not just handy, but are very effective too. First off all, don’t be shy of this problem, as it is not a disease, and about 95% of people go through this during some part of their life. Secondly, find the reasons and then resolve the issue.

Reasons of Bad Breath Smell:

The bad odour of the mouth can be a resultant of certain kinds of food that you consume. It may also be there because of some kind of other disease that results in bad mouth smell. Basically, anything that transforms the good bacteria of the mouth into the  halitosis bacteria, the stench is bound to come. This Bacteria is the major cause of smell. So you have to figure out which foods catalyzes the formation of this kind of bacteria. .

Food and drinks

We eat garlic, onions, but its stubborn smell does not leave the chase. Actually, it is because of digestion. Eating strong smelling substances like onion, garlic, eggs, meat, fish, cabbage, radish, this smell comes back from the mouth through the lungs.

Oral diseases:

If a person has gums problem it causes bad breath. Anything that causes the gums to swell is an indication of something unnatural and stench would be the resultant.

Some other oral health issue that can be cause of bad breath problem is: pyorrhoea, food residue on teeth, mouth ulcers, toothache, swelling in gums.

Dry Mouth

It can be due to dry mouth or xerostomia disease, the flow of saliva is affected. Lack of saliva can cause more bacteria to grow in the mouth and cause bad odour. In many people, this is also caused by the habit of breathing through the mouth instead of the nose.


You may be surprised to know, but cancer is also one of the reasons for a bad smell. Mouth cancer also affects a person’s quality of breath. In addition, cancer can be identified in the first stage only from the bad smell of breath. By the way, even if there is lung cancer, the person’s breath starts to smell. At the same time, the production of saliva in the mouth is affected due to chemotherapy and radiation therapy due to cancer. This causes dryness in the mouth. Without sufficient saliva flow, the mouth begins to smell.

Digestive problems

When a person’s digestive system does not work properly, his mouth starts to smell. Any disturbance in the stomach, leads to the formation of some kind of gas which passes through the mouth causing bad breath  Some other reasons: food in the intestines, kidney problem, overdose dieting, low water intake, constipation problem.

Diabetes problem

If you are suffering from diabetes then your mouth smells bad. Diabetes causes fluctuations in blood glucose levels, which can also lead to periodontal disease. Excess glucose in the teeth and gums increases bacteria, which can cause gum disease, gingivitis and infection.


Whenever a person’s nose starts flowing, it also affects the person’s breath. Because mucus often starts coming down the throat. Due to which bacteria accumulates in the throat causing bad breath. This can be medically treated for sinus first as the root cause and not bad odour.

 Ways to get rid of bad breath smell/ mouth odour problem

you are suffering from any oral or stomach disease mentioned above, then get it treated.

  1. Consumption of fresh and fibrous vegetables reduces the smell coming from the mouth.
  2. Even on an empty stomach for a long time, the mouth smells. Chewing cloves ends the stench of the mouth.
  3. Putting salt in hot water and rinse reduces the smell of the mouth. The smell of bad breath can be avoided by rinse the food one time.
  4. Chewing basil leaves after eating also removes the stench that comes in the mouth.
  5. Gargling with a teaspoon of baking soda in a cup of water reduces the acetic level of the mouth and removes bad breath.
  6. Chew the bark of Triphala root in the mouth. With this, you can get rid of the stench and talk to anyone openly.
  7. Clean your teeth in the morning and before bedtime, in addition to brushing, rinse occasionally. It is also important to clean the tongue with tongue cleaner. Due to eating and drinking, a layer is accumulated on the tongue, which can cause bad breath smell.
  8. Rinse a lemon in a glass of water every morning with this water.
  9. There are many benefits of cardamom intake. Along with giving freshness in the mouth, cardamom is also very beneficial for health. It works to remove the smell of the mouth.
  10. Due to poor digestion and upset stomach, the smell can also come from the mouth. For this it is necessary to walk for a while after eating.
  11. Consumption of green tea is beneficial as it contains antibacterial components. Drinking water keeps the mouth fresh and removes trapped food in the teeth. Due to which food does not rot in the mouth. The mouth keeps on being clean again and again, which does not cause foul smell.
  12. Boil pomegranate peel in water and rinse your mouth nicely with that water. This process reduces the smell and kills the bacteria to an extent.
  13. Fennel, peppermint, cardamom, liquorice, roasted cumin, coriander etc. are natural mouth fresheners to be chewed after meals and at other times. This will reduce the smell of the mouth.
  14. Dried coriander is also a good mouth freshener. Chewing by keeping it in the mouth removes foul smell of the mouth.
  15. Chewing guava leaves also reduces the smell of the mouth gradually.
  16. Alum is very beneficial for oral care. Put a piece of alum in half a glass before going to bed at night. After 5 minutes remove the piece of alum from it and rinse it with water. Everything will go right from the smell of the mouth to pyorrhea. Do not use this every day, as it is acidic in nature. You may use this 3 times a week.
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