Jasmin Selberg – New Miss International 2022

Jasmin Selberg - New Miss international 2022- 2023

Beauty Desk, Delhi Magazine: World class beauty pageants like Miss International could not be held due to the outbreak of COVID 19. And finally, this year the finale of Miss International 2022 took place in a grand manner on December 13, 2022 at the Tokyo Dome Hall in Tokyo, Japan.

Super model jasmin selbergAnd this time,  Jasmin Selberg won the She is 23 years old beauty model from Germany and she has also won Miss Germany 2022.

She succeeds Sireethorn Leearamwat of Thailand, whose reign was extended from 2019 to 2022. Miss International postponed its 2020 and 2021 editions due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Thank you so much Japan for making this so memorable,” she said shortly after being crowned.

Stephany Amado from Cape Verde finished as first runner-up, followed by Tatiana Calmell from Peru, Natalia López Cardona from Colombia and Celinee Santos Frías from the Dominican Republic.

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As the first finalist of the contest was the representative of the debutant Republic of Cape Verde, the interpreter and model Stephany Amado (23).

The second finalist was the Peruvian model and actress Tatiana Calmell (27), and the third and fourth finalist positions went to the Colombian law student Natalia López Cardona (23) and the Dominican law student and model Celinee Santos Frías (22 ). The new Miss received many compliments from beauty fans because of her flawless beauty and slim body with a height of 1.78m

Who is Jasmin Selberg

“Jasmin Selberg” or Jasmine Selberg is a beautiful woman from Germany. Who wins the hearts of people all over the world. For many years she was also new goodwill ambassadors and winners of the European continent. This post of Delhi Magazine has all the information of Miss International like her biography, parents, boyfriend and read story so that everyone can know her better.

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Personal information about Jasmin Selberg

Aside from being a model, Jasmin is known to work as a translator. Come on, see Jasmin Selberga’s full profile and biodata below!

Childhood and Biography of Jasmin Selberg

Jasmin Selberg is an Estonian-born German. She was born in Tallinn on August 11, 1999. Her family moved to Meinerzhagen, Germany when she was one year old.

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Jasmin Selberg is the daughter of a well-known illustrator in Estonia. Her mother runs a beauty salon.

Real Name: Jasmin Selberg
Stage Name: Jasmin Selberg
Place of Birth: Tallinn
Date of Birth: August 11, 1999
Age: 23 Years
Education: Ruhr Bochum University
Boyfriend Jasmin Selberg:  A Korean Guy
Height: 5 Feet, 8 Inches
Breast Size: Small Small Boobs
Boyfriend Name: Youngmin Park/Park Young Min
Profession: Model and Translator

If we talk about personal information of Jasmin Selberg , she is a 23-year-old beautiful woman from Meinerzhagen, Germany. She was born on Aug. 11, 1999 in the city in the Märkisch district but now lives in Dortmund. She is currently a student at the Faculty of History and Philosophy at Ruhr University Bochum. She can speak 4 languages: English, German, Estonian and Korean. She is 178 cm tall and has long blonde hair that makes her look like a princess that came out of a fairy tale.

jasmin selberg looks like a princess

However, the Meinerzhagen resident shows that beauty contests are not just about the beautiful face, but also about social behavior, commitment, empathy and intelligence.

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In addition to the title of “Miss International”, she also carries other titles such as “Miss Globe Germany” and “Miss Social Media”. The placement among the 15 best beauty queens of 2021 gave Jasmin Selberg the qualification for the Miss Universe Germany elections. She did not win this competition and several others in which she regularly takes part. All the greater the success in Tokyo.

Miss International 2022: Jasmin Selberg wins in Tokyo against 65 competitors Participants are expected to demonstrate charity, friendship, beauty, intelligence, commitment, and international sensitivity as “ambassadors of peace and beauty.”

Fairytell pics of jasmin selberg

In the final stage contest of this The competition is one of the top 5 most important Miss contests worldwide.

Some more information about her

Jasmin Selberg started the “Queen’s Raising Awareness” project. This, too, connects them with philosophy. “One never steps into the same river twice,” she quotes the philosopher Heraclitus. What is wrong today can be right tomorrow – and vice versa. And “doing something is better than doing nothing,” says the young philosophy student.

Small deeds, big impact. With her project, she wants to advertise exactly this principle. Every person can become active with minimal actions in everyday life. For example in terms of the environment and animal welfare. “Just have flower seeds with you and scatter them on meadows or bare ground in the city center” or “always have treats in your pocket for animals that roam freely,” says Selberg, explaining the possibilities of spontaneously and permanently supporting animals and the environment.

jasmin selberg from germany

Career of Miss International Germany 2022

 It is therefore not surprising that she would like to pursue a career: journalism or work in science. Maybe combine the profession with the job of the beauty queen – that’s how she imagines her future. She also wants to be a role model for young women. For her younger sister, she already is. To be self-confident and committed, she sets an example for herself and others.

In addition, Jasmin also has her own fund in her name that helps homeless elderly people to have a place to stay and to be able to find a job.

Generally in Germany the beauty pageant is not very popular. But she found herself later that the beauty pageant was not only looking for beautiful women. But also to be smart, witty, able to work in a social context and be a voice on various issues, she decided to prove herself on the pageant path. Which has already won many positions such as Miss Globe Germany 2021, Miss Supranational Germany 2022, including being Top 16 Miss Universe Germany before winning the Miss Interntionl 2022 crown.

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Relationship information of Jasmin Selberg/ Jasmin Selberg’s Boy Friend

She is in relationship with her Korean boyfriend Park Young-min. They have been dating since June 29, 2018. Park Young Min is from Seoul and working for a company in Germany.

Jasmin selberg with her boy friend

How to Contact Jasmin Selberg

You can contact her on at her mail id :vmissselberg@gmail.c om

Her facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/jasminselberg/

Her Instagram Page: https://www.instagram.com/jasminselberg/

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