Natasha Aughey Female Body Builder Bio, Wiki, History and Family Information

Natasha aughey on 14 sept. 2020 at gymNatasha Aughey

Female Power Lifter and Fitness Trainer ,

Current Address:

De Longre Ave., Apt. 6,

Los Angeles, California, United States.

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Natasha Aughey fitness model

Natasha Aughey Background and History

Natasha Aughey beautiful

Epochal of weightlifting, Ms. Natasha Aughey (also known as Weightlifting fairy), has marked a wonderful successful journey. She is a Canadian female body builder and a certified fitness trainer. In this post you will get to know all past and present history of Natasha Aughey. Where she came from? What about her family? and her relationship status etc.

Natasha’s favorite quote is -“If someone isn’t what others want them to be, the others become angry. Everyone seems to have a clear idea of how other people should lead their lives, but none about his or her own.’ – the alchemist”.

Natasha Aughey with new shoes on 17th june 2020, during vivobarefoot campaign:

Natasha Aughey on 17th June 2020

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Natasha Aughey Latest pic

Natasha Aughey Female body Builder

Natasha Aughey in red dress

Natasha augheys latest pic on May 20th, 2020
Natasha Aughey’s latest pic: May 20th, 2020

Born and brought up in Ottawa, also completed her s schooling from there, she has stamped her success in the weight lifting arena. Being a a university graduate, she turned her passion of weight lifting into her business.


Teen age picture of Natasha (before starting body building)

Natasha Aughey Wonderful pic

She started gym and body building in her later school days. Earlier she used to play gymnastic, running and football.

Natasha Aughey Fitness Journey as a Body Builder

Don’t be surprised if you read that Natasha wanted to become an  air hostess!! She does have the look, but she streamlined her focus towards professional body building later. In 2012 she participated in her first professional competition. Prior to that she participated in figure competitions and now her focus is towards strength building and power lifting. She also worked with Anytime Fitness Gym in Ottawa, as a fitness coach. Currently, She lives in Los Angeles, California, United States.

Natasha Aughey in bra n panty

She participated in OPA Ottawa Championships in 2013 and fixed 6th place in this competition. But she preferred a to be a fitness model than getting tagged as a female hardcore body builder.

Family Backgrounds:

Natasha has never been upfront in introducing her family members. Only a picture from her childhood with her father and her younger sister is known to the public which she has posted twice on her Instagram.

Natasha Aughey’s Mom:

Natasha Aughey's Mother updated on 24 july, 2020


Natasha Aughey Family Pic - His father and her younger sister
Natasha Aughey Childhood pic: her younger sister in the left of this pic, her father in middle and Natash in right side in this pic.


Natasha Aughey ‘s BIO, Personal Information, Wiki:

  • ·        Birth Date:  Thursday, March 18, 1993.

    ·        Birth Place: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

    ·        Current Residence: Los Angeles, California, United States.

    ·        Current Age: 27 Years

    ·        Height: 5 feet 6 inches.

    ·        Weight: 65 KG

  •            Natasha Aughey’s Lowest weight : 157.7 Lbs

    ·        Body Measurement: Breast -36, Waist -25, Hips: 38.

    ·        Sibling: Yes

    ·        Relationship Status: Single

    ·        Marital Status: Unmarried

    ·        Affair/ Boyfriend: Single, as of yet.

    ·        Friends: Nicole Wilkins, Camille Leblanc, and Dana Linn Bailey, Louis-Philippe Jean, Sharon Bruneau and Jenaya Hofer.

    ·        Hobbies: Gym and music.

    ·        Favorite edible: cookies, snacks and food, donuts.

    ·        Past Relationships: Yes one.

    ·        Profession: Fitness model, Certified fitness coach.



She is one of the most beautiful female bodybuilders who endorse many supplements and fitness apparel brands like Blackstone Labs, Celestial Bodiez, SuperFreshClothes, Gymshark etc. In her latest Instagram post she endorsed the VIVOBAREFOOT shoes.


Diet plan

Diet plan:  Lean proteins, complex carbohydrates, and healthy fats.


Work out plan

  • 1st Day: Back Exercises
  • 2nd Day: Glutes and Hamstrings Workout
  • 3rd Day: Chest and Biceps Workout
  • 4th Day: Shoulders and Triceps Workout
  • 5th Day: Quads and Leg Plyometrics Workout
  • 6th Day: Shoulders
  • 7th Day: Off Day (Rest)


After work out Cardio?

  • Steady state cardio – post workout–
  • sprints on the track


Natasha Aughey Pics from Gym Work out:





Natasha Aughey Strong

Natasha Aughey in black dress


Natasha Aughey's showing her boobs



Beutiful and Hot Pics of Natasha Aughey:


Natasha Aughey Strong lady


Natasha Aughey sexy ass

Natasha Aughey Sexy nude back and buttocks

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Natasha Aughey sexy Ass

Natasha Aughey Super Strong

Natasha Aughey

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Natasha aughey sexy curves

Natasha Aughey sexy hot pic

Natasha Aughey bold 1

Natasha aughey curvy big ass

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Natasha Aughey’s Gym Work out Videos

Natasha latest Arm Work out Video on –  May , 2020

Natasha Aughey showing her boobs in ping bra and panty

natasha augheys showing her boobs under sports bra


Natasha Aughey on 16 August at her Gym During Work out:

natasha power lifting


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    kristen nun1
    Kristen During workout in gym

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kaitlyn vera / hardcore kaitlyn

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strong female body builder -kira neuman

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