100 + Best Tattoo Ideas for Girls that Express Your Bravest side

beautiful tattoos on front below the neck and shoulder for girls

Fashion Desk, Delhi Magazine: Courage and woman are words that complement each other and these tattoo ideas for women express it very well.

Living in a society with patriarchal structures requires courage from us women. That’s why this feature is so common in us. It takes courage to live, fight for our dreams and love. Some female tattoos can help you to always remember that you have this feature within you and here we have selected some of them.


The Venus symbol represents women and, therefore, is naturally a symbol of struggle, commonly used by women’s movements.

Neck Tattoos Designs for girls

The neck tattoo is seen by many as a symbol of boldness. Tattooing the neck is not that common. And this happens for two reasons: it is a part of the body where the tattoo is visible, not so easy to hide for those looking for this possibility; in addition, the neck is one of the parts of the body where the skin is thinner and more sensitive, full of nerve endings, so the process tends to be more painful.

Female neck tattoo: delicate

Exactly because it is a very visible area, fine lines, firm lines and smooth images work very well in this region of the body and can yield incredible tattoos.

female neck delicate tattoo
incredible neck tattoo for female
flower on neck
Beautiful delicate flower neck tattoo

If none of these issues are a problem for you, then go all out and look for references, images and styles that suit you best.

Shoulder flowers
Beautiful Flowers design on a woman shoulder

Check out these 65 images that can inspire you to make that choice more safely!

Behind the ear

The place is ideal for those looking for a more hidden design and combined with more delicate tattoos, such as butterfly tattoos.

small black tattoo behind the ear


beautiful girl with tattoo behind the ear

girl with tattoo behind the ear on neck

Front Side of the Neck

front neck tattoo design for female

neck tattoo on front side
full neck tattoo for female

On the back of the neck

In this region, art can be a highlight for those with short hair, see? As for the long locks, it must be well hidden. It’s worth doing it both below the head and already reaching the nape of the neck. Drawings and words are great bets!

neck back minimalist tattoo
Minimalist back neck tattoo design
Beautiful behind the neck flower tattoo
Behind the neck colored flower tattoo

This half moon was filled with flowers

half moon tattoo with flowers

moon on tree tattoo
Moon and Tree tattoo


Making a Star to the back

star on back of woman

Female neck tattoo: Flower

It’s also a hit , especially the roses. Whether colorful, black and white, small or large, neck flowers are a huge hit.


Neck flower tattoos
Red Rose with green leaf tattoo on neck behind the ear

beautiful colored flower on neck

Below the Neck Tattoos on Front Side

beautiful tattoos on front below the neck and shoulder for girls

front side on breast tattoo ideas below the shoulder

Tattoo on front side for girl

beautiful full tattoo for a girl on front shoulder


Below the Neck Tattoos on Back for Girls


back tattoo girl

tatto on the middle of the back of a beautiful girl

Female neck tattoo: butterfly

The butterfly tattoo means transformation, the search for happiness and freedom. A great option to be engraved on the neck, isn’t it?

beautiful Neck butterfly female tattoo
Neck butterfly tattoo
colored butterfly tattoo girl
Colored butterfly on neck
Blue butterfly group on neck female tattoo
Butterfly with star on neck
colored butterfly on a white girl neck
Beautiful and cute neck with butterfly tattoo

Women’s neck tattoo: cross and symbols of faith

To express faith, many people like to tattoo some symbol of their connection with spirituality. Check out some inspirations loaded with meaning:

Music symbol tattoo on female neck

symbol tattoo design on female neck

black symbol on neck tattoo

Jellyfish Tattoo

jellyfish tattoo design on leg

jelly fish on lower arm

jellyfish on below shoulder in front

fish tattoo on wrist
Cute Gold Fish for female wrist

Phrase Tattoo

One of the most common phrases among women’s tattoos is “be strong and brave”, but you can create a unique phrase for yourself that expresses how brave you are.

phrase tattoo on female neck


phrase tattoo on neck 2


Female Arm Tattoos

flowers on arm

Wolf Tattoo

The wolf is one of the most courageous and intuitive animals. Two characteristics that we women have in common with them. That’s why you can express your bravest side with a wolf tattoo.

wolf tatto on a black girl arm

female wolf tattoos

wolf on a female back

beautiful female wolf tattoo ideas


wolf on side arm of a girl

Venus symbol tattoo

Medusa is considered a powerful “demon” and represents courage. You can invest in her image to express her characteristics.

Venus symbol with flower on neck

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Tattoos Dedicate to Your Mom

Mom and girl tattoos

Mom love tattoos

Tattoos for mom's love

Mom dad love tattoos

If you are planning tattoo for Mother’s Day. It can be a great gift for your mom. Here are the best Tattoo for Mother’s Day:

I love you mom

I love you mom Tattoo Phrase

Mom Tattoos for Girls


mom you are my hero

Swing with mom

You can’t think of anything other than childhood, you’re on the swing and your mum is there to make sure you don’t fall, that’s still the case, even if you’ve grown up!

swing with mom tattoo

Swing Tattoos for alone girl


Swing tattoos girl

swing alone girl

Heart Shaped Finger Print

heart shaped finger print tattoo for girl

finger print tattoos for mothers day

Tattoos on Full Hand

Flower Tattoos on full hand1

Flower Tattoos on full hand for girls


Tattoo Design between female breast

half moon and lotus flower between breast

black girl breast tattoo design

beautiful lady with tattoo between boobs


Tattoo between boobs


minimalist tattoo between female boobs

small dots in line between breast


in between breast female tattoo design


ornamental tattoo on female breast

Side  or Waist Tattoo Ideas for Female

Side rose design

Arm Tattoo Designs for ladies

Venus symbol with flowers on side arm

Tattoos on female belly

girl with red rose belly tattoo design



red rose in center of belly tattoo


Full Back Female Tattoos

Full back tattoo design for a girl
Dragon tattoos/ Sensual Tattoo ideas for female

Female Cute Minimalist Tattoos Ideas

Female minimalist tattoo attracts us. Repetition of pure lines, combinations of abstract shapes, geometric variations.  Female minimalist tattoo style with a refined design equipped with a minimum of information and far from worked details allows you to take the plunge without fear of regretting it. In addition, it is easier to conceal than a figurative design.

small fish on female back
Small fish minimalist tattoo design for women
minimalist tattoo on Index finger 3
A beautiful minimalist flower tattoo on a girls index finger


Beautiful heart and dot shaped minimalist Tattoo on girl finger
A cute heart with 3 dots tattoo on 2nd last finger

Talking about tattooing intrinsically leads to the question of location and hottest design minimalist tattoos. Generally, the so-called hidden areas of the body are preferred. For small tattoos , we therefore naturally turn to the fingers, wrists, forearms, ankles. “Besides, the skin there is generally thinner,” explains the tattoo artist.

Finger Tattoos

minimalist tattoo on finger 1
A Cute and small heart shaped minimalist tattoo on 2nd last finger
minimalist 3 stars tattoo
Beautiful minimalist 3 stars finger tattoo

Wrist Tattoo Ideas for female

bird on wrist of a girl 2
Bird tattoo on female wrist
bird on wrist of a girl
Beautiful girl with bird on wrist tattoo
minimalist butterfly tattoo on wrist
Butter fly on wrist


cat girl tattoo on wrist of a girl
cat girl tattoo on wrist
Beautiful butterfly with heart tattoo on a girls wrist
Beautiful butterfly with heart tattoo on Wrist
colored flower tattoo on wrist
colored flower tattoo

Beautiful Tattoos on Leg for Girls

female thigh tattoo

Tattoo on leg 1
Beautiful Red Rose flower on leg


a beautiful tattoo on ankle of girl
Girl with Tattoo on Ankle


black half moon forest tattoo on ankle
black half moon forest tattoo




anklet tattoo design


a beautiful tatto on ankle
A beautiful design on a girl’s ankle


Brave Girl Design Ideas

oum tatto pic

A woman with Meraki Tattoo design

Mantra and Shaloka Tatto Ideas

Mantra and Shaloka Tattoo Ideas

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  1. Tattoos for girls are distinguished by their charm and energy. When choosing a tattoo for girls, you need to be guided by three main points: the style of the tattoo, the place for the tattoo and the plot.

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