9 Amazing Uses for Online Video Makers

use of Online Video Makers

Technology Desk, Delhi Magazine: Video is the most effective means of digital marketing. For this reason, video ads make up a big portion of companies’ marketing strategies. Statistics have it that video converts about five times more than pictures and about 100 times more than texts. Moreover, the importance of videos cannot be overemphasized especially in companies that depend completely on B2C sales. Click here to use one of the best online video maker tools on the internet.

Video Statistics

Because videos are more visually engaging, viewers are more attracted to them. Anything that catches the attention of people is the best way to market products and services. Also, people spend hours on the internet watching different videos, therefore, inserting ads in-between is not a bad idea. There is so much money to be made on social media platforms because of the number of active users present in them.

There are close to 4 billion constant users on popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Reddit, etc. More than 70% of the marketing content on these platforms is videos. Studies have also shown that there is often more conversion on video content than any other type of content. Thus, this is why you need to make the best video for your potential audience to keep them glued to the content till they finish it.

The goal of this article is to show you nine amazing uses of editing software. They include the following:

1. To Maximize Profit

In marketing, it is best to make the most of every dollar you put into your business. This is why you need to make sure your ads are in video format. Such tools make the process of making videos easy and less challenging. Online video maker apps like Promo have ready-made templates and video clips that you can combine to get the best ads for your business. Imagine you have to do all the video shooting, editing, compiling, and other stressful stuff yourself. The thought alone can cripple you.

2. Reduce Advertising Cost

Generally, making a video is not as easy as writing texts or using images. Therefore, making a video can be very costly if you are not wise. They provide professional tools for either a small subscription or a one-off fee. Also, professionals might charge several hundreds of dollars for a single video, while an online video maker will give you access to many amazing editing tools for a relatively small price.

3. An Online Video Maker Creates Consistency in Video Creation

Those apps help you make video contents that will push your brand to the next level. There are templates on these video makers that allow you to consistently use them in order to help build your brand’s presence on online platforms. One thing it guarantees is the ease to create multiple videos with the same pattern of production. Moreover, it ensures your customers or potential clients that you’ll be there when they need you and that you’ll be the solution for their problem.

4. Freedom to Work on Your Video Any time

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Online editing tools give you the luxury to work on your video anytime. As long as you have an internet connection and you have purchased or signed in to the video maker, you can do whatever you want to do at a convenient timeslot. Assuming you’re on a vacation and you just got an idea for video marketing content, you won’t have to wait till you meet a professional or risk the professional not understanding your idea. With online video maker tools, you get to create your videos at any time with maximum convenience.

5. Ability to Focus on Content Quality

Once you know that you already have an app that is taking care of the technical aspect of your video creation, it affords you the time and luxury to put all your attention solely on the quality of the content. Quality goes a long way in determining how clients or potential customers respond to your ads. Often, viewers make their decision about a video ad within the first ten seconds. It explains why you have to make a good impression in the first few seconds of your video. Therefore, using an online video maker allows you to focus on mostly making quality videos. The quality of a video sometimes is about its storyline and voice contents. Once you get those right, it would be easy to scale your business.

6. Variety of Video Formats

Each social media platform has the kind of video format they support. Often, they support a wide range of video formats, but a quality online video maker will help convert all your video clips to the one that best fits that specific social media platform. Apart from the format, size and display is another big deal. For example, you can design your video ad for either mobile phone viewers or desktop viewers in mind.

7. Saves Time

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The turn-around time of your video creation will be amazingly faster compared to hiring a professional to do the work for you. With online editing tools, all you need do is to pick a template that fits your business and start editing it to suit your personal taste. The process is often very straightforward and fast with no major fuss. Therefore, if you are looking for a quality substitute for video creators, online video maker tools like Promo are the best to go for.

8. Wide Range of Templates

Most professional video creators are often specialized in particular kinds of video like animations, sliders, presentations, conversational videos, etc. The good thing about video makers on the internet is that they have thousands of templates that fit into the exact kind of video you want to make. All you need do is to choose the one you like and start working on it.

9. And Finally, An Online Video Maker Provides Ease of Use

When you are trying to communicate with professionals in video creation, they might not understand what you really want. However, there are thousands of templates available that you can use to explain your idea clearly. Therefore, whatever your idea is, you will find a template that fits the exact idea you want.

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