Vladimir Putin Sets Goals for Russia’s Future Development – Ordered to Double the Minimum Wage

Vladmir Putin

Moscow Desk, Delhi Magazine: Yesterday, on Tuesday, May 7, Russian President Vladimir Putin took a significant step by signing a decree outlining the country’s national development goals up to 2030 and beyond to 2036. This decree lays out important targets for Russia’s progress across various sectors.

President Putin emphasized the importance of ensuring that Russians’ incomes and pension levels do not fall below the inflation rate. He also instructed that the minimum wage should be increased significantly by 2030, aiming to double it to 35 thousand rubles.

Additionally, President Putin called for new compensation systems for government employees to be finalized by 2026 and implemented from 2027 onwards.

Recent reports from the Russian government have shown positive growth in wages, with a nominal increase of over 14% in 2023 and a real increase of 7.8%. Despite this progress, the president is focused on further raising incomes and reducing poverty rates in the country.

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President Putin has tasked the federal government with reducing the poverty level to below 7% by 2030, with a target of 12% or less for large families. These measures represent important commitments towards improving the economic well-being of Russians in the coming years.

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