Riots in the United States: One Person Was Killed and Many Were Injured

The press service of the House of Representatives said on its Twitter account,  reports. Members of Congress were reportedly evacuated from the building. Journalists from various media outlets reported from the scene that the protesters were trying to enter the meeting hall by force.

According to local radio, armed Capitol police demanded that the protesters leave the Congress building. PBS quoted a source as saying that a shooting took place in the Congress building. One of the protesters was reportedly wounded in the chest.

At least five people were injured in a shooting at the Capitol.

According to the Report, this was stated by an employee of the British Sky News at the scene.

According to the report, one of them is in critical condition. It is noted that the woman, who was seriously injured in the shooting, was hospitalized, but her life could not be saved.

Riots in AmericaClashes broke out between supporters of incumbent President Donald Trump and police at the Capitol. As a result, law enforcement officers used tear gas against the protesters. Several people were injured in the incident.

The US Senate has suspended its session due to the clashes. Then the House of Representatives interrupted the meeting. Members of both chambers were evacuated from the building.

Trump’s supporters reportedly stormed the Capitol building and surrounded the Senate. Trump called on protesters to act peacefully.

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