Vika Daineko Spoke About Intimacy with Guys Younger than Herself

Victoria Daineko

Lifestyle Desk, Delhi Magazine: Victoria Daineko again spent an evening of revelations with her followers on Instagram. The questions concerned both personal life and career, for example, fans asked if Vika had ever canceled a concert because of a date with a guy. “Never. Guys are guys, and the source of personal income should be stable. Another thing is that a couple of times in bouts of depression and burnout, I tried to leave show business altogether.

Fans asked 34-year-old Victoria if she had intimate relationships with guys younger than her. “The ex-husband is seven years younger, is it considered? Perhaps this is my youngest partner,” she joked.

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Victoria Daineko was also asked if her ex-boyfriend’s girlfriend wrote to her. “It was. And she herself could write to the ex-girls of the guy. What am I, not a man or something? I haven’t practiced for a long time, ” admitted Daineko.

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Russian singer Victoria Daineko also explained why she considers Kazakhstan her homeland. She also said that she spent her childhood in Yakutia and memories of him are very dear to her.

Victoria daineko in bikini

Victoria Daineko was born in Kazakhstan – in the village of Kirovsky, Taldy-Kurgan region, now Balpyk bi, Almaty region. Daineko grew up in Yakutia, and in 2004 she won the Star Factory 5 competition under the guidance of Alla Pugacheva. And so began the singing career of 17-year-old Victoria in Moscow.

The singer spent her childhood in Yakutia. Victoria noted that she is still grateful to her teachers and friends. She also published archival photographs taken in Mirny when she was 16 years old.

Victoria had her first relationship at the age of 17. At the time of participation in the show “Star Factory 5” Victoria was still an innocent teenager.

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