Rubi Asif Ali Khan, Who Worshipped Lord Ganesh, is on Target of Islamic Maulanas

Miscellaneous Desk, Delhi Magazine: A fatwa has been issued against a Muslim family of Aligarh by an Islamic Maulana. This is the matter of Rorawar police station area of ​​Aligarh. After worshiping an idol of Hindu God Ganesha a Muslim woman named Ruby Asif Khan, she came under the target of Muslim clerics. Muslim woman has also taken a dig at Maulana who issued the fatwa.

Rubi khan worshiping God Ganesha

She said that Maulana Mufti Arshad Farooqui of Saharanpur, who has commented on Hindu Gods and Goddesses, is a jihadi and a militant. She also said that the clerics who make controversial statements about the worship faith cannot be true Muslims. They want to divide the country.

Ruby Asif Khan said, “Hindu-Muslim all brothers should live together. Fatwas have already been issued against me for the worship I am doing. People like Mufti Arshad Farooqui want to divide the country. Such clerics can never be true Muslims. These are extremists and jihadis. These people themselves want to discriminate. They do not talk about India while staying in India and issue fatwas.”

I celebrate every festival of Hindus and will continue to celebrate it too – Ruby Asif Khan

Ruby Asif Khan further said, “I celebrate every festival of Hindus and will continue to celebrate it. These people have already issued a fatwa on me and have got posters also put up. All I want is that Hindu-Muslim unity remains intact.”

Two days ago, Ruby Asif Khan had installed the idol of Shri Ganesh ji in his house. Ganesh festival is celebrated across the country at this time. Everyone is worshiping Ganpati Bappa by making him sit in their homes. People from the Muslim community also participate in Ganesh festivals celebrated in many parts of the country. Apart from this, many Muslim film stars also worship Ganesh ji in their homes and immerse him with full law.

Rubi Asif Khan with mahadev poster

Along with Allah, Shri Ram is also established in Rubi’s house

Lord Shri Ram also resides at Ruby Asif Khan’s house in Rorawar area of Aligarh. Not only does she offer Namaz, she has also been worshiping Rama and Krishna. However, the trouble increased when he established Lord Ganesha at his home on Ganesh Chaturthi and started worshiping.

Ruby’s husband Asif Khan also in support of worship

Asif said that for about five to six years, my wife and I have been worshiping God. At the same time, last one and a half years ago, we established a temple in the house. He told that for the first time we installed Ganeshji on 31st August. We have installed and worshiping Ganeshji for 7 days. He had said that the above did not create a Hindu or a Muslim. God and Allah are one for us. Those who give fatwas keep giving fatwas, it will not make any difference to us. On what was the reaction of the family members, Asif says that no one protested.

Rubi Asif khan with Indian National Flag

When the vow is fulfilled, They established a Hindu temple in the house

There is a special reason behind their growing faith in Hindu Religion. In fact, their son’s health had worsened. The chances of survival were very less. Then they resorted to worship lessons.

Rubi Asif Khan With her husband Asif khan and her son Asim

Ruby and Asif had made a vow to save their son. They had resolved to establish a temple. God returned Asim safely to his parents. Keeping their resolve, Ruby and Asif established a temple in the house itself. Along with this, idols of Lord Shri Ram, Mother Sita, Laxman, Hanuman ji, Shri Ganesh and Kanha have been installed in it.

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