Latest Adult and Double Meaning Jokes for 18 +

Double meaning 18 + adult jokes

Entertainment Desk, Delhi Magazine: Want to have a good laugh? You are quite right !! And when this type of day arrives, short and funny jokes are the best medicine. We have selected for you, the best short and funny jokes that will make you laugh . Some are silly, others clever, funny, or even fat.

What is an adult joke meaning?

Please note that these adult jokes are not for children and are prohibited for those under the age of 18. Indeed, these sexual jokes often have very crude language, and are intended for an informed public.

Double Meaning jokes

What is a double meaning Joke?

Jokes often lend themselves to double meanings that not everyone perceives at first, but when the message arrives, laughter certainly starts.

1. Mr. Trumph presents his beloved Monica with a bouquet of roses. Delighted, Monica undresses, lies down on the couch, spreads her legs and whispers in his ear: “This is for the beautiful flowers.”

Trumph  confused and says: “Don’t you have a vase in the house?”

2. Two friends are talking: Do you actually talk to your husband after sex? Only when my phone is nearby.

3. Shortly before the orgasm, just ask if she comes with peaceful intentions.

4.  Q: What is about six inches long, stiff, and being pushed into a wet opening where it’s being rocked back and forth quickly?

Ans: A Toothbrush.

5. A camel and an  elephant meet in the desert. The elephant says: “Why do you have  boobs on your back?” Laughs the camel and answers: “Better than one Cock in the face!”

6. Judge to Farmer: “They are accused Having sex with a goat. How was it really?”
The farmer: “No different than with my wife, she always complains too.”

7. Two women are talking. One says: “Do you always tell your husband when you have an orgasm?”
The other replies: “No, I don’t want to keep calling him at work.”

8. A flaccid and a stiff penis meet. The limp asks the stiff: “Why are you so stiff?” The stiff replies: “I’m about to take the oral exam.”

9. Why don’t women propose to men? When women kneel down in front of men, the men immediately open their trousers.

10. The husband comes home and says in amazement, “Darling, why is our cat out of fur?”
Her: “But you told me to shave my pussy this morning?”

11. A man wants to buy condoms and the pharmacist asks about the size. Since the man has no idea, the pharmacist gives him a Wooden board with holes in different diameter and sends it to the “fitting” toilet . The man comes out from the toilet after 10 minutes and shouts: “Forget the condoms! How much does the board cost?”

12. Man bumps into woman in thehotel lobby .
Him: “If your heart is as soft as your bosom, you will forgive me.” Her: “If her thing is as hard as yours Elbow , find me in room 137!”

13. A father asks his son, “Tell me, have you ever kissed your nice little friend?” “Certainly” “And what did she say?” “I don’t know, I didn’t hear that, she covered my ears with her thighs!”

14. A couple having fun in bed: mmmmm, ooooooh, aaaaaah … Her: “Tell me, do you actually love me?” He: “Yes, do you mean I’m doing push-ups or what?”

15. A prostitute has Diego Maradona’s face tattooed on her left thigh and Kalle Rummenigge’s face on her right thigh. To a group of three football fans, she says: “If you guess both faces, it doesn’t cost anything.” The first fan says: “I know Maradona, but not the other one.” The second says: “I know Rummenigge, but not the other.” The third says: “I don’t know the two on the right and left, but the one in the middle, that’s Paul Breitner!”

16. Two men are talking at the bar. One asks: “Have you ever popped your wife into the other hole?” Then the other: “Are you stupid? I don’t want her to get pregnant.”

17. the Mom and her little daughter are on the nudist beach. The daughter looks at the men’s genitals with interest and asks: “Why don’t I have something like that between my legs?” The mother replies: “Patience, my child patience .”

18. Q: What goes in stiff and comes out limp?

Ans: A chewing gum!

19. Q: Why can 40% of all married men after the Sexual intercourse not fall asleep right away?

Ans: Because they have to go home first!

20. What are the names of girls who, in short skirts, bounce balls for money?

Ans: Professional tennis players!

21. What part of a man turns some women on when it’s thick and bulging?

Ans. The wallet Pocket.

22. Woman to her husband: “We’ve been married for twenty years now. Isn’t that nice?” The man replies: “You’re right! That’s not nice!”

23. At confession: “Mr. Pastor, I have committed adultery.” The pastor replies: “How often, my son?” Man: “But Father, I want to confess and not show off.”

24. Running in the Rain Adult joke 18 +
-A man is in bed with his lover at her house when he hears the front door open. Heavens! My husband! Quick escape through the window! -But it’s raining! And I’m naked! Do you think it’s time to think about these things? If he sees you, he’ll kill us both. And so the man makes a bundle with his clothes, puts them under his arm, takes his shoes with the other hand and goes out the window (luckily for him on the ground floor).
At that moment, a group of joggers are passing by on the driveway in front of the house. To blend in, he slips into the group and starts running.
After a while they run one of the group asks him:
– But do you always run naked?
– Yes sure. Running naked helps disperse body heat better and improves performance. It is also very pleasant to feel the fresh air on the skin.
– I understand…
They still run a little…
– And, tell me, why do you carry your clothes and shoes under your arm?
– Because this way, when I’m done running, I can get dressed right away. Don’t you want me to walk around the city naked?
– Of course…
They still run a little…
– And, I’m sorry if I bother you again, when you run naked, do you always wear a condom?
– No. I only wear that when it rains.

25. At a zoo there is a female gorilla who has been alone for too long and is starting to behave strangely, but there are no male gorillas able to keep her company. The director of the zoo, after thinking about it for a while, decides to make a proposal to Gavino, the zookeeper:
“Listen, Gavino, the time has come to demonstrate your commitment to your work: as you know, the gorilla has been alone for a long , needs a boy and I thought you could take care of it, think about it, $5,000.
Gavino thinks about it for a bit and replies:
“I accept, but on 2 conditions:
First: he must not find out nobody;
Second: if children are born, I am not willing to acknowledge them.
26. It’s a guy who walks on the beach and sees a genie lamp. He rubs it and a genie comes out. This one tells him that he has the right to one wish. The guy asks him: “I would like to have a penis so long that it would drag on the ground! And the genie then cut off both of his legs.

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