Unseen, Yet Positive Results of Lock- Down

A Voluntary Lockdown to Save Nature: Need of Today
The Indian (Chidiya)bird that had disappeared around the home, was seen again today. And seeing them has been common in some household which is the consequences of less pollution and more purity in the air. 

Pictures of river Yamuna and its blue water is clearly visible during the lock-down period. Not just this, deer on the roads in the cities, elephant bathing in the river can now be seen. Animals seem to be happy during this human lockdown.

Shut-down of factories in the cities on the bank of Yamuna in Delhi NCR due to lock down for 3 weeks, their garbage and dirty water is not going into the Yamuna River, making the water appear azure.
In this front the Lockdown has been truly positive.  If you understand this message, you will find that in most cities of the world, the suffocated air has been cleared. The metros cities especially Delhi NCR  which was black with smoke throughout the year, now appears clear with stars being visible each night.

This is a very good sign for nature. The lock-down has resulted in a major decrement in air pollution, water pollution and noise pollution in the metropolis of the country. Even though the lockdown would be lifted, the environmentalists see this as a good initiative towards the conservation of nature.
Indeed, the invasion of viruses such as the corona has also resulted from deteriorating the balance of nature. In the blind race of modernity today, the entire world has exploited nature immensely. Environmental experts are saying that humans have started making their grass in the wild in China. As a result, the whole world is suffering.
On the other hand, environmentalists and nature lovers from all over the world say that after Lock-Down, positive effects were seen all over the world. From this, it came to the experience that by framing a concrete policy, the balance of nature can be achieved by voluntarily locking down once a year in different cities.

The scene of the snowy peaks of the Himalayas from Jalandhar thrilled after four decades. Every day 11 lakh vehicles in Delhi come from other cities; these vehicles  could now not enter the capital after the lock-down.

Even at the major intersections of the capital, there was no such thing as air pollution. While wild animals started appearing on the streets of cities. Forest cows and deer were seen roaming in front of GIP Mall, the busiest mall in Noida adjacent to Delhi. The bird’s tweet began to be heard at Okhla Birds Vihar and the influx of parrots and other birds started disappearing from the porches of NCR cities.

In a video from Haridwar, it was told that an elephant from Rajaji National Park is taking a bath in the Ganges near Har Ki Pauri. Ganga has also become absolutely pure.The bird that went missing near the houses, are now spotted again.
It can be understood in this way that fasting is important in Indian culture. Scientifically, during fasting, our body cleanses itself. Due to which many diseases of the body are cured automatically. Similarly, by locking down for one or two weeks in a year, nature will get an opportunity to return to its old complexion.
Today, America, Spain, Italy, Japan, Korea and Germany are praising Indian Sanatan old traditions like welcoming people by folding hands (Namaste) instead of joining hands, vegetarianism and cremation of dead people . .
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