Stages of Sexual Arousal in Women

orgasm stage in a woman

There are four stages of sexual arousal in women: mange, bump, orgasm and relaxation. There is one important, previous one that biology misses – the desire, but now the focus is on biology.

1. Stage of Mange/Desire

stages of women during sexAt this stage, the blood vessels in the genitals dilate, which increases blood flow to the vaginal walls. This helps to release droplets of secretion from the vagina, which keep its walls moist. The process is known as lubrication. The secretion acts as a lubricant, protects the mucous membrane, helps easy penetration and movement of the penis.  

The external genitalia gradually enlarge. Their color is saturated to dark red. The labia majora lengthen, become thinner and dissolve. In women who have given birth, they can change their size up to 2-3 times. The swollen labia minora are revealed. The clitoris also grows and becomes very sensitive. His head, just like his penis, comes off. A secretion is emitted.

During this time, the vagina lengthens, usually 7 to 10 cm, which distances the cervix deeper. The uterus rises to the pelvis and occupies a more vertical position. The woman’s pulse and breathing become more frequent. Her blood pressure is rising.

2. Stage “Bump”

The breasts grow a quarter. Due to the flow of blood, the areolas grow, which makes the nipples no longer look so protruding.  Blood flow has reached the lower third of the vagina. It is now more voluminous and dense, narrower. The opening of the vagina is clearly outlined. The tissues and muscles at its entrance form the orgasmic cuff. The swelling of this part of the vaginal tissues ensures the rhythmic contraction of the muscles during orgasm and a tight “grip” of the penis. The feeling itself is top notch for a woman and is a kind of culmination, even if she does not reach orgasm. The rhythm and range of this unique ring also contributes to reaching the top in men.

As the orgasm approaches, the woman’s clitoris “retracts”. The Bartholin’s glands continue to secrete lubricating secretions. At this stage, the woman needs constant stimulation to reach a climax. At the same time, prolonging the phase without escalating the sensations delays the orgasm in time and even fails it.

3. Orgasm

orgasm stage in a womanOrgasm is an intense release of tension achieved by the stages of sexual intercourse earlier. The muscles of the vagina contract rhythmically every 0.8 seconds. The uterus also contracts.

Women do not always reach orgasm during sex. For this to happen, foreplay is essential. It is necessary to find the strong erogenous zones, which are individual for each one, and to apply clitoral stimulation.

The next orgasm in women can be achieved after relaxation and passing the stages from the beginning. Orgasm also has its significance for conception – the contraction of the vaginal muscles helps the movement of sperm to the uterus.

4. Relaxation

Respiration and heart rate gradually return to normal. The blood flow calms down. The clitoris occupies in its normal state in seconds. Gradually within minutes the vagina returns to its normal size. More time is needed for the labia majora to shrink, which is why the woman experiences strong sensitivity and even pain when mechanically irritated.

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