Angel Number 1111 Meaning and Spiritual Importance

Angel number 1111's spiritual significance

Religious Desk, Delhi – Magazine: Angel numbers provide us with spiritual insight and guidance. These numbers can appear to us at certain times in our lives to deliver a message. The message that you may be on the right track and heading in the right direction. The message will align with the ascending master connected to the number.

spiritual importance of the angle number 1111

Besides the 9 Archangels who provide special links with the divine energy of God, there are 9 Angelic Orders, also represented by repeating commonplace numbers , this time in quadruplicity. They are ranked from lowest to highest, based on their closeness to God.

This means that we cannot see, hear or feel their presence unless we raise our vibrations and bypass the filters.

Since angels cannot communicate directly due to filters, they use a variety of unusual means.

Angel number 1111 is a message from divine angels that they have arrived and are ready to help you. Her message indicates that the prayers and things you want to see come true in your life are about to be answered, along with your deepest longings. It is a powerful symbol of spirituality and connection with the divine, whose energies link all cosmic vibrations together: the 1 represents Unity.

What does 1111 angel number mean?

The number 1111, which can be read in the mirror figures 11: 11 indicating the hour, or 11/11 designating the date. This number and the meanings given to it mean that it does not go unnoticed by people receptive to the signs of the Universe. Indeed, this number is perceived as an angelic number, an indicator of spiritual awakening or a code to access the spiritual realms. Then, some see in this number the manifestations of a presence of the guardian angels.

Thus, it is a sign of luck and protection. In fact, for these people, the number 1111 has deep meanings that are not perceived by everyone.

The angels are nearby
If you see 1111 in a dozen places every day, it’s a sign of divine companionship that they’re nearby.

They have contacted you to help and guide you in manifesting your desires. Pray, meditate and show gratitude to the angels, and ask for more support and guidance.


This Angel number a powerful number which counts four times the number 1: the number of Unity.

The 11 is a leader, a personality that cannot be forgotten. It marks our life to profound degrees, in areas that are specific to it. This number denotes a certain tendency to dominate, but a brilliant destiny is reserved for it.

The 11 is the ultimate representation of strength, mastery and courage. He is endowed with a very strong inspiration and a powerful intuition . This strong number must follow its path, and it is not uncommon for this one to take it very far. He is also endowed with a powerful force of action and destruction. He possesses great spiritual mastery, and he will have an important social role to play in society and on other higher planes.

The 11 is directly linked to the spiritual world, poetic impulses, gifts of clairvoyance, mediumship, premonitory or prophetic visions. He can provide help and some guidance to others.

Through the number 11, your guardian angels reassure you by telling you that you will be able to accomplish beautiful things for yourself, for your loved ones and for all your fellow men, because you are a being of light. Have faith, and everything will fall into place easily so that you arrive at your real inspirations.

Angelic Interpretation of the 11:11 Mirror Hour

Mirror hour 11:11 tells you that an angelic being is enlightening you with his divine light, to guide you in the direction of your life mission. The guardian angel corresponding to mirror hour 11:11 is called Lehahiah. It acts between 11 a.m. and 11:20 a.m. It symbolizes serenity and luck.

angel no 1111and its meaning

This angel warns you that you are currently in the necessary arrangements to bring your life projects to fruition. He tells you that the time has come to prove your skills, and to use your abilities wisely. Do not doubt yourself, you are inhabited by spiritual and intellectual energies which allow you to move forward while ignoring obstacles. Now is the time to act.

If you are going through a delicate period, take a step back, calm down and focus on the positive attractions of your life.

Advice: It is important to stipulate that the 11 can mean the best as well as the worst. You must therefore learn to channel your poorly controlled energies and forces.

Through the 11:11 mirror hour, Lehahiah tells you that he is watching over you. Hear his divine guidance. It gives you the strength to act and invites you to refocus on yourself, to find your inner balance.

11:11 –A Deeper Symbol of the Call to Spiritual Awakening

Most articles about this angel number do not dig deep into the true spiritual meanings of these numbers. Indeed, they give different interpretations which are certainly valid, but which nevertheless remain superficial. The most common interpretations of this number are:

– the angelic manifestation when you look at your watch and come across a mirror hour by chance and 11:11 in particular, on a recurring basis.

– the synchronicity between the visible world and the spiritual world. Indeed, in numerology, the number 11 is considered a gateway between different “dimensions”, among others, those of mortals and immortals.

– the message of the Universe, indicating the opportune moment for the realization of the aspirations of the person who sees the mirror hour 11: 11 in a repetitive way. The opening of an energy portal is, in fact, favorable to significant changes in the life of an individual without his being aware of it.

– the symbol of a call for a spiritual awakening. It is about the call of the Spirit so that the person who constantly sees 11:11 refocuses on himself to raise his consciousness and reconnect with his inner Self.

In fact, these different interpretations indicate that this angel number is related to the spiritual world. And the path of the spiritual path to perfection is step by step. Thus, to progress, you must successively access the higher level, step by step.

Spiritual Significance of 1111

To understand the spiritual meanings of 1111, one must begin by knowing the true meaning of 1.

1111: 4 Pillars of Light

The deep meaning of the number 1 on the spiritual level makes it possible to better understand the meanings of the number 1111. Indeed, if the number 1 represents a pillar of Light, 1111 represents four (4). These four pillars, which are the four cardinal points: North, East, South and West, also symbolize the four angelic pillars or angelic energies that separate the spiritual world from the physical world.

On a spiritual level, the 1 symbolizes a pillar of light; it is the “inner self” with divine characteristics. It allows one to discover the fundamental truth of the Spirit, often buried deep within oneself, when the physical aspect takes over, because of one’s way of life. This pillar of light is like a diamond light, an ascending crystalline column that some mystics experience when their 12 chakras are aligned and form a sort of column of light.

However, any individual, having accessed this pillar of light, knows that he has an infinite source of knowledge, wisdom, compassion, peace and Truth. This column of light not only brings an incredible blessing, but promotes access to a higher level of wisdom and truth.


These four luminous pillars are guarded by:

-Archangel Raphael in the East,

– Archangel Michael in the South,

-Archangel Gabriel in the West,

-Archangel Uriel in the North,

The number 1111 therefore constitutes an angelic structure at the center of which is the “inner self”, with divine characteristics. It forms an ascending column of light, allowing access to the truth. Seeing an 1111 is reassuring, because you know you are supported and secure in your quest for inner truth and connection with Spirit.

The 11-11: Portal of the Heart and Mind

This other interpretation of the number 1111, which can be broken down into 2 x 11, refers to the spiritual meaning of the number 11. We know that the number 11, in numerology, represents a portal between different “dimensions”. The first 11 can be likened to that of the heart and the other 11 that of the Spirit.

strong feeling of angle number 1111

When one does introspection, it is, indeed, preferable to do it, with a clear mind and an open heart, hence the interest of borrowing these two portals. Thus, it is easy to meditate calmly and peacefully. Added to this is the static posture which facilitates concentration and access to the quantum world. This is why the number 1111 allows access to an infinity of possibilities, when one knows how to synchronize and harmonize the states of man which are the physical, mental and spiritual state.

The 1111: Symbolizing The Manifestation

This connection can be translated, indeed, by the synchronization with the astral universe and with the divine wills. This is how we attract blessings to ourselves, in coherence and in phase with our destiny. This is why introspection, consisting of listening to one’s conscience, leads to spiritual awakening and allows one to remember who one really is: a divine being incarnated on Earth.


It is an indicator of spiritual awakening. And everything that has been said about this number converges towards the same deep meaning: a direct connection with his “inner Self” which is none other than a column of Light. This column of Light reminds each individual of his divine character, for he was a spiritual being before he took flesh through incarnation. Thus knowing his true identity, the individual can embrace new beginnings and exploit an infinity of possibilities.

Angel Number 1111 Is a Symbol of Passage to Divine Blessing

Thus, the manifestation of the number 1111 reminds you that it is a symbol, of your spiritual essence. It is thus the passage between the physical world and the spiritual world. And, it is up to you to cross it or not. To cross it, do not forget that you must have a clear mind and an open heart. It is an invitation that cannot be refused to gain access to new knowledge and divine blessing.

Make a wish

1111 means rush hour. If you notice the number 1111, it is a message from the angels to think positive thoughts and focus only on your desires and not on your fears.

Make a wish

Think positive thoughts about your life purpose and you will be supported in your efforts.

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