Exclusive Interview with Sheela Yadav, Founder of Rangmanch Farms

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Inspirational Desk, Delhi Magazine: Women in India have achieved many such milestones of success on the basis of their hard work and ability, along with fulfilling the responsibility of their household, that is an example for everyone. Today, we are going to meet you one of such women – Sheela Yadav ( Founder of Rangmach Farms).

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Q1. Tell me about your background and success journey. (History/ family/ educational details, startup journey, success story)

I come from a pretty humble background, and started as a homemaker. However, I always wanted to venture out on my own. While there were many opportunities, I always wanted to stay close to nature in whatever I did. That’s when I started my journey by starting a green landscaping firm and having a plants nursery. With Sheel Nursery and Farms as my first venture, I was privileged to be involved in developing numerous green spaces across Delhi NCR including farm houses, schools, colleges and public places. I am a graduate by education and have gained a lot of practical experience by being in field on-ground developing and maintaining several projects. My family is completed by my husband, Daughter, son, daughter-in-law and a loving grandson.

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We had a farm house of our own, which was our go-to place on weekends as a stress buster. That’s when the idea of Rangmanch Farms was born, by opening its doors to public guests.

Q2. What are the challenges you faced so far?

I guess three waves of Covid have been really challenging for all of the hospitality industry including us. At the same time, finding and attracting skilled and professional staff is still a challenge, since farmhouses are not a typical career opportunity looked at by hospitality sector staff. We have been very fortunate to have found some very experienced and skilled staff at the senior most positions and they have been helping in building the team from bottom up.

Q3. Idea to invest in the Rangmanch Farms, history of this place?

As mentioned above, Rangmanch farms was previously developed as a go-to place for our private use, where we used to have several get togethers with our near and dear ones. That’s when the idea or Rangmanch Farms was born, and we opened its door to public.

Q4. How Rangmanch Farms is different from others? What are its specialities and normal booking rates?

First and foremost, Rangmanch Farms has one of the most diverse flora across all similar properties in the entire Delhi NCR. Spread over 14 acres of lush green farmland and located near Sultanpur bird sanctuary in Gurugram, Rangmanch Farms is home to more than 10,000 plants and trees (including more than 35 varieties of fruits, more than 30 varieties medicinal plants, and more than 40 varieties of aquatic plants) and visited by several species of migrating birds.

With orchards loaded with mangoes, Indian Gooseberry (Amla), Kinnow, and several fruit plants such as Anjeer, Pear (Nashpati and Babugosha), Plum, Peach, Lychee, Avocado, Apricot, Cherry, Dragon fruit, Grapes, Jackfruit, and Starfruit Rangmanch Farms is sure to delight one and all.

Rangmanch Farms has six beautifully decorated cosy cottages for overnight stay, a huge swimming pool, rain dance, several dining areas, conference room and more than 60 fun-filled activities and games.

For adrenaline junkies, there’s Zipline, Rock climbing, Rappelling, 20 obstacles high and low rope course and several ground-based activities. For fun lovers, there’s artificial bullride, camel, camel cart, horse and tractor ride. For the curious and creative, there’s pottery classes, magic show, puppet show, mehndi etc. For the sports oriented, there’s 5 cricket pitches, 2 volleyball courts, 3 badminton courts, table tennis.

Rangmanch farms caters to small family get togethers, birthday celebrations, anniversary celebrations, corporate outings, pre-wedding functions and a whole host of customized packages.

Our day outing package is priced at Rs. 1,199 per adult (including unlimited meals, snacks and activities).

Our stay package priced at Rs. 7,000 per couple per night (including all meals, snacks and activities and stay in our exclusive cottage)

 Q5. What advice would you give to youths who are just starting their journey?

The most important thing to remember is that Rome wasn’t built in a day. Patience is key. Hiring the right team and empowering them is another very important factor since every business’ success lies in its people. The road to the top isn’t always in a straight line, there will always be ups and downs, but it is important to always focus on the right things.

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