Kanye West Introduces His 18 Years Younger New Wife

Kanye West with his new wife bianca censori

They say that “one nail drives another nail” and Kanye West seems to work like a charm. Since his separation from Kim Kardashian , a dozen women have passed through the rapper’s life with whom he seems to have failed to gel.

Who is Kanye West’s New Wife – Bianca Censori?

Until now, he has recovered the illusion in the hands of Bianca Censori , a 27-year-old Australian girl (18 years younger than him) with whom he married at the beginning of last January in a luxurious and private ceremony in Amangiri, Utah.

It is not known how this relationship began, but it is known that the young woman began working at ‘Ye’s’ company (as it is now legally called) in November 2020. In fact, she now works as Head of Architecture at Yeezy .

Bianca Censori, 27, is an architectural designer for West-based fashion brand Yeezy . She has been joining the team since November 2020. It is said that it was through her work that the two first met.

Prior to Yeezy, Censori held various other roles, including as a jewelry designer.

Bianca was in fact the founder and owner of Nylons Jewelery from 2013 to 2017, a brand that – as she said in an old interview – she started after high school.

She is Australian but lives in Los Angeles

Bianca Censori is originally from Melbourne, Australia but currently lives in Los Angeles. In an interview with Vogue Australia in June 2022, the designer said she splits her time between the two cities.  Reflecting on how traveling back and forth impacts her career, Bianca said, ” In Melbourne I can nurture my creativity and LA is where I put it into practice . ”

She is not on social media

Following the news of her marriage to Kanye West, the designer would have deactivated her Instagram account. No Twitter, Facebook or TikTok, Bianca Censori doesn’t appear to be on any other social media platform.

How did Kanye West and Bianca Censori meet?

The relationship rumors between Kanye West and Bianca Censori began just days before their alleged wedding on January 13th.

The two were indeed spotted having dinner together at the Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills on Jan. 9.

However, it seems that they have known each other for a little longer . Not only has Bianca Censori worked for West’s brand since 2020, but fans have also speculated that the rapper’s song, Censori Overload , released in December 2022, was intended as a nod to the designer’s last name.

The Couple Really enjoying Their New Relationship

Now, both have been seen for the first time together on the streets of California. The couple enjoyed a romantic restaurant dinner at the very expensive ‘Cecconi’s’ restaurant. Although, without a doubt, what has most attracted the attention of the networks have been their ‘looks’ for the occasion.

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