Delhi High Court Slams AAP Government Over MCD School Books Issue: Kejriwal Prioritized Personal Interests Over Duty by Not Resigning

arvind kejriwal

Delhi Desk, Delhi Magazine: The Delhi High Court delivered a scathing critique of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) government on Friday, highlighting the failure to provide books to children in Municipal Corporation (MCD) schools. The court remarked on Arvind Kejriwal’s continued tenure as Chief Minister despite his arrest, suggesting that this prioritization of political interests over national welfare is troubling. The court noted that the Delhi government appears solely focused on consolidating power, with the court criticizing this pursuit as detrimental to effective governance.

Acting Chief Justice Manmohan Singh and Justice Manmeet P.S. Arora expressed disappointment, accusing the government of placing personal and political interests above the needs of students. They emphasized the necessity of inclusive leadership rather than a one-person dominance approach. The court’s remarks came in response to the Delhi government’s assertion that Kejriwal’s approval was required for addressing the book supply issue in MCD schools.

The court’s strong comments reflect concerns over the administration’s focus on power dynamics rather than essential service delivery. It highlighted the need for collaborative leadership for effective governance, especially in addressing critical educational needs. The court will issue its ruling on this matter on Monday.

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