Malaika Arora’s New Avatar – Yog Kanya with #StartToKro Campaign

Yoga girl- yoga kanya malaika arora in yoga pose

Malaika Arora has always ruled the hearts of people with her style. She was previously a supermodel and is known as a successful actress. She always keeps on winning the hearts of people with her new avatars. Recently, she has shared a post on social media as a Yog Kanya in Nokayan Pose (Boat pousture).

Yoga girl- yoga kanya malaika arora in yoga poseVery few people would know that they have already turned 47. And she is dating 35 years old Arjun Kapoor. And they also have an 18 year old son.

She was married to Salman Khan’s brother Arbaaz Khan but Arbaz wasn’t able to make him happy. Malikka is a free mind lady and doesn’t want to be bound in limits. So, this marriage failed completely and it broke Malaika badly. At this time Arjun helped her alot. And now Malaika is in a happy relationship with Arjun kappor. Where she has got more freedom and happiness.

And Malaika’s son Arhaan Khan has also accepted his mom’s new relationship of with Arjun Kapoor and said that his mother is more happier now. And he has also thanked Arjun Kapoor for this. Ofteny Arhaan also spotted with Malaika and Arjun Kapoor.

In her new avtar as Yoga Kanya, she is a part of #starttokro campagin. She also shared a new video with heading “STRETCH ANYWHERE, STRETCH ANY TIME”.

She was seen in a private plane during this video. So, many users like her posts and commented on it.

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