3Kino Fest, a Festival of Central European Films, Will be Held Online

The international film festival 3Kino Fest , focusing on Central European cinematography, is taking place for the seventh time . This year’s event will take place online, from November 4 to 15. The festival will offer key films from 2019 and 2020. The awards ceremony will take place on November 14.

This year, seventeen films are included in the competition section. Traditionally, the largest participant, Poland, will present a total of eight films. For example, Małgorzata Imielská’s first work Everything for My Mother  or Piotr Domalewski’s drama I Never Cry . Hungary will offer the film On the Quiet  and an emotional story from the last century. Those who stayed .

Czech-Slovak participation is very strong this year. A great adept at the main prize is Václav Marhoul’s film Painted Bird , which won ten Czech Lions in 2019. The director Slávek Horák also competes with the biographical film Havel and Jiří Mádl with the film On the Roof . For example, the drama Let Light and the family film Mound by Andrej Kolenčík will be  presented .

As part of the accompanying program, two documents will be presented: Shadows of the Empire , which follows life in the territory of the former Soviet Union, and Project Orwell or 2 + 2 = 4? , based on Orwell’s famous book. Together with the screening, there will be an online meeting with the director of the latter film, Václav Müller.

The online studio in the Central Library in Prague will also present a meeting with the well-known dabber and dubbing director Miriam Chytilová. It offers several workshops on translation, dubbing and subtitles.

The jury, which will decide which films will be awarded, will include Polish director of Czech films Agnieszka Holland, Polish actor Maciej Stuhr, film critic Jerzy Armata, Slovak actress Livia Bielovic and founder of the ČSFD.cz portal Martin Pomothy.

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