Kanwar Yatra 2022: Green Corridor to be built for Kanwariyas from Haridwar to Delhi


Religious Desk, Delhi Magazine: A green corridor is being built from Haridwar to Delhi for Dak Kanwar. This will also give relief to the general public including Kanwariyas. Traffic will run smoothly on the highway.


The plan is that, on the highway, Dak Kanwar will pass from one side and normal traffic will continue on the other side. Whereas, earlier the traffic on the highway was closed during Dak Kanwar.

Uttarakhand and UP Police have jointly made preparations to implement this new system. During Dak Kanwar, the highway was completely occupied by the Dak Kanwaris. In such a situation, normal traffic came to a complete standstill. Under this arrangement, the road will be cleared for Kanwariyas in advance. Kanwariyas will be visible only on one side.

It will help to continue the normal district traffic

DIG-SSP Dr. Yogendra Singh Rawat said that this time Dak Kanwar will leave from Haridwar on one side on Highway. On the other side, the normal traffic of the district will continue. This arrangement is being done till Delhi.

The DIG said that the UP Police has also given its consent on this. They will also operate the Kanwar Yatra on the highway on one side and normal traffic will continue on the other side. According to the DIG, this arrangement is being implemented for the first time, as the highway is now completely ready.

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This system can be implemented from 20
The green corridor system is for postal workers. From July 20 and 21, the departure of postal workers carrying big vehicles starts. In such a situation, this system can be implemented from July 20.

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