Himanshu Sutaria (Father of Tara Sutaria) – Know more about him

Himanshu Sutaria family - Tara sutaria, Piya Sutaria, Tina Sutaria

Who is Himanshu Sutaria:

Himanshu Sutaria is Parsi business man based in Mumbai, Specially known for her daughter Tara Sutaria and Pia Sutaria.

He is basically from Jamnagar Gujrat, but Currently live in Mumbai with her twin daughter and wife Tina Sutaria.

The name “Sutaria” is also associated with a village community in Jamnagar. So, some people thoughts that Himanshu also belongs to the same place.

Professional details about Himanshu Sutaria

Himanshu Sutaria is a well known businessman in Maharashtra.

Himanshu sutaria with his friend

Family Details of Himanshu Sutaria

In his family, he has two daughters Pia and Tara and wife Tina Sutaria. His daughter, Tara Sutaria is a well known Bollywood actress and and currently dating her long time boyfriend AAdar Jain. While his other daughter Pia is a professional dance and and a dance teacher. His wife Tina is a housewife.

Daughters of Himanshu Sutaria- pia and tara sutaria

Himanshu sutaria with her daughter pia

Relationship Status of Himanshu Sutaria

Himanshu Sutaria is married with Tina Sutaria. Tina is a housewife. Both they have lovely twin daughters.

Himanshu sutaria wife tina sutaria



Family pic:

tina sutaria, tara sutaria and pia sutaria




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