August 10 is ‘World Laziness Day’, on this day people in Colombia bring mattresses and beds and spend time sleeping on the streets. Every year on this day, Colombia’s Itaguí city is filled with slackers. People here celebrate this day to fight stress so that they can come out of […]

Mosquitoes are living organisms that  coexist with humans. Mosquitoes are human ticks and are common in hot weather. Do you know that only the female mosquito bites whereas male mosquitoes do not suck human blood. Male mosquitoes keep alive only by drinking the juice of the trees and plants, and the female […]

According to various sources, cellulite in one form or another is observed in more than 85 percent of women aged 21 and older. “Dimples” on the skin are formed when the adipose tissue collides with the connective tissue, so the thighs suffer more from this “ailment”, since the adipose tissue is […]