Automatic Weather System Installed in Kedarnath Dham

Kedarnath dham

Religious Desk, Delhi Magazine: A new automatic weather system has been set up by the district administration for the moment-to-moment information of changing weather in Kedarnath Dham. For the convenience of the passengers, it has been installed by the district administration in collaboration with IIT Kanpur.

It Will Help in Reconstruction work/ Travel Operations

Readings of meteorological activities will be obtained from this system soon. District Magistrate Mayur Dixit said that with the installation of the system, a lot of help will be given in important works like reconstruction works, travel operations, helicopter operations etc. in Kedarnath.

Kedarnath automatic weather system

The District Magistrate said that with the installation of automatic weather system in Kedarnath, accurate information about the weather there will be available. Along with this, getting the forecast of rain and snowfall will also help in making necessary arrangements. Along with this, decisions will be taken in advance regarding the operation of Kedarnath Yatra on rainy season and other occasions.

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Along with this, the pilgrims coming to visit Kedarnath Dham will get the weather information in time, due to which the devotees will be able to do their journey with ease. Within a week, people present in Kedarpuri area will start getting information about Kedarnath weather on mobile.

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