Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal Admitted that There is a Shortage of Oxygen and Remedial Injections in Delhi

New Delhi. Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, for the first time in the midst of the Corona crisis, admitted that there is a shortage of oxygen and remedial injections in Delhi. The Chief Minister said that ‘Today I have a long discussion with the officers. Covid cases are increasing very fast in Delhi. Due to this, things from oxygen to Ramdevir has started to decrease. Corona positive cases in Delhi have gone up to more than 24 thousand. ‘The Chief Minister said that’ There is a limit to any health structure, there is also a limit for hospitals in Delhi. With the speed at which the corona is growing, no one knows where its peak will stop. I have also spoken to Dr. Harsh Vardhan ji, the Health Minister of the country, I have also demanded from him to provide necessary facilities to us.

Lockdown signs in Delhi

delhi cm arvind kejriwal-During this time, the Chief Minister congratulated the people of Delhi that they were following the rules of curfew properly, but in the meantime, they also made it clear in the gestures that if the conditions of Delhi do not improve further, then we can take more tough decisions. The Chief Minister said without naming that he can do a lockdown for a few days in Delhi if needed.

The Chief Minister also said that I know that the people of Delhi will give the same support as we have in every decision. It is noteworthy that Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal held an important meeting with officials on Saturday about Corona in which he orders have been taken to take necessary steps for prevention of corona. After the meeting, Kejriwal shared the current state of Corona in Delhi.

During the meeting with the officials, the Chief Minister has asked to take action against the shopkeepers who are black marketing essential medicines and injections related to Corona. At the same time, the Chief Minister has also said to take action on those labs who are taking samples more than their capacity and delay in reporting it. Due to this, treatment of people is delayed. “,

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