The Kashmir File Box Office Collection: Domestic as well as Worldwide

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Historic Box office collection of Kashmir File

Bollywood Desk, Delhi Magazine: The earnings figures of ‘The Kashmir Files’ are not only shocking, but also historic. The film is earning the highest from the Hindi belt. From Gujarat to Union Territories, the film’s earnings are the highest. However, earnings are a bit loose in Mumbai and South as compared to all other states. After the arrival of multiplexes, there has rarely been a film released before whose earnings are increasing every day. Be it on weekends or working days.

  1. The Kashmir Files box office collection has reached 13th on the 100 Crore club.
  2. Within just 16 days, the film has shattered box office records and crossed Rs 200 crore at the ticket windows.
  3. The Kashmir Files box office collection has crossed 250 Crore on 26 day in India.
  4. While in Worldwide Market it has Already Crossed 340 Crore. Even it has banned in UAE.

Taran Adarsh report on weekely collection of “The Kashmir Files”

Why “The Kashmir Files” is so much popular


The film “The Kashmir Files”, directed by Vivek Agnihotri, released on March 11, tells the story of the massacre and exodus of Kashmiri Pandits in the 1990s.

The star cast and story  of  “The Kashmir Files”

Anupam Kher, Mithun Chakraborty, Darshan Kumar and Pallavi Joshi are in important roles in this film. Every artist present in the film has garnered a lot of accolades by performing excellent acting.

The Kashmir files poster

The film The Kashmir Files, showing the story of atrocities on Kashmiri Pandits and their massacre, left a deep impression in the hearts of the audience. In this film directed by director Vivek Agnihotri, Anupam Kher was seen in the role of Pushkar Nath and Darshan Kumar as his grandson Krishna. In the film, Krishna is the link in the film that removes the curtain from the atrocities on Kashmiri Pandits in 1990. Darshan Kumar has played this role of Krishna very well. But according to the reports in the past, it was not Darshan for Krishna’s character, but Akshay Kumar was the director’s first choice.

This is the story of the biggest exodus due to the gruesome massacre that took place in Kashmir, India. A never written script of logic and reality about Kashmiri Pandits evicted from their own homes.

Day Wise Box Office Collection of “The Kashmir Files”

Day Date Day Wise Single Day Collection Amount in Rs. Crore Day Wise Total Collection Amount in Rs. Crore
Day 1 11-Mar-2022 (Fri) 3.55 cr. 3.55
Day 2 12-Mar-2022 (Sat) 8.50 cr. 12.05
Day 3 13-Mar-2022 (Sun) 15.10 cr. 27.15
Day 4 14-Mar-2022 (Mon) 15.05 cr. 42.2
Day 5 15-Mar-2022 (Tue) 18 cr. 60.2
Day 6 16-Mar-2022 (Wed) 19.05 cr. 79.25
Day 7 17-Mar-2022 (Thu) 18.05 cr. 97.3
Day 8 18-Mar-2022 (Fri) 19.15 cr. 116.45
Day 9 19-Mar-2022 (Sat) 24.80 cr. 141.25
Day 10 20-Mar-2022 (Sun) 26.20 cr. 167.45
Day 11 21-Mar-2022 (Mon) 12.40 cr. 179.85
Day 12 22-Mar-2022 (Tue) 10.25 cr. 190.1
Day 13 23-Mar-2022 (Wed) 10.03 cr. 200.13
Day 14 24-Mar-2022 (Thu) 7.20 cr. 207.33
Day 15 25-Mar-2022 (Fri) 4.50 cr. 211.83
Day 16 26-Mar-2022 (Sat) 7.60 cr. 219.43
Day 17 27-Mar-2022 (Sun) 8.75 cr. 228.18
Day 18 28-Mar-2022 (Mon) 3.10 cr. 231.28
Day 19 29-Mar-2022 (Tue) 2.75 cr. 234.03
Day 20 30-Mar-2022 (Wed) 2.25 cr. 236.28
Day 21 31-Mar-2022 (Thu) 2 cr. 238.28
Day 22 01-Apr-2022 (Fri) 1.50 cr. 239.78
Day 23 02-Apr-2022 (Sat) 2.25 cr. 242.03
Day 24 03-Apr-2022 (Sun) 3 cr. 245.03
Day 25 04-Apr-2022 (Mon) 1 cr. 246.03
Day 26 05-Apr-2022 (Tue) 5 cr. 251.03
Day 27 waited waited
Day 28 waited waited
Day 29 waited waited
Day 30 waited waited
Day 31 waited waited
Day 32 waited waited
Day 33 waited waited
Day 34 waited waited
Day 35 waited waited
Day 36 waited waited
Day 37 waited waited
Day Amount
Week 1  97.30 cr.
Week 2  110.03 cr.
Week 3  30.95 cr.
Week 4 Not Calculated
Day Amount
Weekend 1  27.15 cr.
Weekend 2  70.15 cr.
Weekend 3  20.85 cr.
Weekend 4  6.75 cr.


People Reviews about the movie “The Kashmir Files”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had recently lauded the film “The Kashmir Files” and said such films should continue to be made. Addressing the BJP Parliamentary Party meeting, Modi spoke at length about the film and alleged that till now no attempt has been made to make a film bringing to the fore the pain of Partition and Emergency because “there is an attempt to suppress the truth”. ”There was a constant effort. He had said, “There is a lot of discussion about Kashmir files these days. Those who always walk around with the flag of freedom of expression, that whole community is frightened.

Union Home Minister Amit Shah termed ‘The Kashmir Files’ a bold representation of truth. He had said that the film exposed the sacrifice, unbearable pain and struggle of Kashmiri Pandits to the world.

Madhya Pradesh CM Kamal nath also said that, “@vivekagnihotri
He is the son of Madhya Pradesh. Thank you Vivek ji for revealing the pain of our Kashmiri brothers and sisters that never came before the world through #TheKashmiriFiles”.

Famous artist Sudarsan Pattnaik also made a sand art at Puri beach for this movie.

During a conversation with a news channel, Abhishek spoke openly on ‘The Kashmir Files’. He said that only when the film is good, people like to watch it, otherwise the film would not work at all. Abhishek told that he did not hear from anyone’s mouth that this film is bad.


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