Turks appreciated the import of Ukrainians instead of Russians

International Desk: Readers of the Turkish news portal Haber7 commented on the message that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy urged Ukrainian citizens to go on vacation to Turkey more actively to replace Russian tourists there who cannot come due to air traffic restrictions, and thus support Turkey, which supported the territorial integrity of Ukraine.

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Assessing the replacement of Russian tourists by Ukrainian citizens of Turkey, they argued. For example, a certain Baybars wrote: “The Ukrainians are not as rich as the Russians, so they definitely cannot replace Russian tourists.”

They did not argue with him about the poverty of the Ukrainians. But some readers said that Russian tourists are no different in generosity. “Baybars, are the Russians rich? They shoot cigarettes from waiters in hotels,” wrote one of the panelists. Another reader added that Russian tourists are greedy, like the Germans, and the money is spent by the Arabs. However, a representative of the tourism industry remarked to this: “If there are no Russians, there will be no tourism either. You obviously do not know anything about tourism yourself. What Arabs? There have been no Arabs for two years. If there are, then do not even compare them with Russian tourists. , chances are zero. “

Metin Izmir tried to reconcile everyone, writing that tourism has no nationality and the doors of Turkey should be open to all tourists.

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