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Pubs in Gurgaon

If you’re looking for the next happening hangout spot and want to know what the best pubs in Gurgaon are, we’ve got you covered. The recipe for any good pub is a wide range of alcohol, interesting and delicious food, good ambience and great music. Below is a list of pubs you could check out on your next night out.
1.  Hunter Valley:

Hunter Valley is one of the unique pubs in town which is popular for its one of a kind Belgian Beer. Belgian beers are known for having a fruitier flavor than the traditional lager and they are low in bitterness. This means that you don’t have to deal with the usual bitter taste of beers while drinking at Hunter Valley. They have six Belgian Beers, namely, Belgian Premium, Belgian Dark, Belgian Ale, Belgian Wheat, Hunter Wheat, and Hunter Valley Reserve. They Serve Mexican, Italian, North Indian, and Chinese Food. 


2. Molecule Air Bar:

Molecule Air Bar, as the name suggests, is popular for food that plays with molecular gastronomy. They serve food and drinks in cutlery that resembles equipment from a chemistry lab and they serve food that is experimental and one of a kind. The decor is mystifying and has filament bulbs hanging from the roof with brass solar systems and other such scientific elements as decor. Their cocktails are unique and the flavors are out of this world. If you want to have an experience unlike the regular pub night, then this is the place to be.


3. My Bar headquarters by Dockyard:

My Bar headquarters by Dockyard definitely believes in the old world charm of wood and is one of the best party pubs in Gurgaon. They are your typical bar with beer flowing at affordable rates, mugs starting at INR 75. They serve Continental, Chinese, Asian, North Indian and European cuisines and are known for being affordable and giving you exactly what you desire when you go to a pub. That is, good food and cheap booze.




4. Philtre- the Bistro:

Philtre- the Bistro is known for its unique ambience. It has different artistic murals on the wall which look like tribal art. They also have (fake) grape vines hanging from the roof and a wooden base for all its decor. They want to harkens back to the rustic nature of drinking and serve some of their specialty cocktails in terracotta pots and brass tumblers to remind you of a time when glasses did not exist! The wood used in this establishment is recycled wood from railway tracks making this an environmentally friendly pub.


5. Neighbourhood Bar and Grill:

Neighbourhood Bar and Grill is a small bar that has a modern and fun interior. It has a dance floor for those who need to let loose when the music comes on. This is a typical bar where you can go for some finger food and alcohol and just have a fun time with your friends. They also broadcast the match live so during World Cup season this is definitely the place to be when you are looking for party places in Gurgaon.


6. Prankster:

Prankster is a quirky joint where you can go hang out with friends over some drinks and food. The decor is definitely one of a kind with seating that resembles an amphitheatre. It is made to look like a college with a canteen, dormitory, parking lot, and library. Drinks are prepared in their “chemistry lab”. This definitely is an instagram worthy place, but it also serves some delicious food, especially for the non-veg lovers. Their best sellers are Lahori Bun Kebab and nitrogen infused Dahi Bhalla pakoda. Their food is nostalgic as well as experimental.


7. Downtown Dinners and Living Beer Cafe:

This is one of the best night pubs in Gurgaon and is great for enjoying beer with friends. It is also great for holding a casual meeting with colleagues when you need a little boozy boost to make the ideas flow. This pub has an all wood interior with comfortable couches for you to lounge on and enjoy your drinks. They have two floors and you can catch the match live on the top floor when your favorite teams are playing or you can kill some time on their Xbox console if you are one of the video game enthusiasts. This definitely is a fun, low-key establishment to just enjoy a beer with friends.


8. The Drunken Botanist:

As the name suggests, there are two defining factors of this pub. First, that this is a place to get stinking drunk, and second, that this a plant lovers’ paradise with its botanical interior. They definitely have given the place a magical vibe with all the plants. The music at this spot only adds to the magic as they host some of the best DJs, bands, and singers at different times throughout the year. They serve Continental, Indian, Chinese, and North Indian food. Their cocktails are definitely a must try. Listening to great music, drinking their cocktails and eating their delicious food will definitely make for a fun evening out.


9. Ministry of Beer:

Ministry of Beer will automatically excite Harry Potter enthusiasts who inevitably would associate the name with the Ministry of Magic. Luckily for them this bar definitely has a magical vibe to it and has one of the largest lounges in town. If you’re looking for pubs for party in Gurgaon, this is the place to be. The decor is clique and classical with a wooden interior and colorful seats. They serve Continental, North Indian and Italian cuisines and are known for serving some of the best seafood in town.


10. Hard Rock Cafe:

When all else fails, you know you can always go to the Hard Rock Cafe to have a guaranteed good time. The live music here definitely makes for a night you won’t forget and they serve some of the best burgers and chicken wings in town. Their alcohol selection is everything you could want on your night out and the live music playing just adds to the fun of the evening.


The next time you can’t decide where to go on your night out, you know where to look to find some of the best pubs in Gurgaon, all with different experiences in store for you.


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